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  1. can someone call a time out!!!.....Lets think positive people...its not over yet!!!LEts go Fidler!!!!
  2. Note: Fidler won both his heads up matchs on FCP a few weeks ago. - He won one for 5k and one for 1k...I like his chances... DN gave him some good advice in heads up play..
  3. anyone know if norman chad and lon are doing the commentary?
  4. btw - can you tell your son not to quit his job, he still needs health insurance!!
  5. How great is that ...DN right over your shoulder making adjustment to your game........Someone wake up fidler from his dream!!
  6. Fids, we got the consigliere to join the forum...Nice Work Carlo!!!!
  7. 455 people cheering on fidler, well 454.. we all know who that is.....Lets Go Fids... Let go Fids
  8. Anyone want to be a hedgefund Accountant....Job opening in Westport CT
  9. There is so much action its hard to keep up!!!!Fidler!! Fidler!!! - this is bigger then the world cup!!
  10. If he wins, the Tourament of Champions is June 25th and 26th in vegas.. You may have to postpone.. at least i hope you have to postpone.....
  11. Hey Mrs fidlerI had to work. You know how busy we are doing the first 2 weeks of the month. I def would be there supporting him. Have no fear, i will be there at the WSOP in a few weeks and his next 2 events..Hope you can come down to CT soonPete
  12. sFidler Is Poker. If he is not playing on line, you can find him at Foxwoods or AC. Guy has tons of table experience. Lets Go Fidler......
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