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  1. I'd most likely fold unless big blind is an aggressive player. Preflop I'd reraise (I wouldn't want to put myself in your position). In that case if the big blind moves all in, I'd be commited (I'd do this is because at worst I'd think it's a fifty fity scenerio and I wouldn't want the bb making moves on me putting me in doubt). The thing is when you call 35k all in as a chip leader, you're really not saying much for your hand. Basically what you're saying is I have an ace and want to try to knock this guy out. There are a range of hands now that the bb could go all in with from Ace jack to mi
  2. I really don't see why you would lay down a hand that you feel is the best hand. If you felt he was on a draw you have to that 75 percent chance that you would win the hand when he went all in on the turn. Those are great odds. If you win you'll take down a major pot and most likely win the tournament. Of course if you lose you're out in a bad position but I would take that risk however it's really up to you. What you didn't realize is that he also had an ace so he had more outs but on the turn now you are the favorite. But still the only way to fold is if you think he has a set. I think he wo
  3. There's no way you can get your opponent to fold top pair and flush draw.
  4. I had trouble logging on for the first ten or so times. Afterwards, it worked just fine. Keep trying, maybe reinstall the software.
  5. Shows you what I know. Ok, if EP means early position then it makes more sense that he had pocket aces. For some reason I thought he was acting right before you trying to pick up the blinds. Basically, same advice full table and blinds so high you will have to do a coin flip. It's always worse when you're calling but you may never get a good hand like that again. I'd be afraid of pocket tens and pocket jacks.
  6. It's a tough one. But with the blinds so high you're going to have to act fast. Also, there's a big chance that you're going to have to do a coinflip anyway if he just happens to have two overcards. I'd still call. I'd think at best he has king jack, maybe weak ace or even a lower pocket pair. If he had a real hand (especially higher pockets) he would double the bet (these online players love that) or maybe even limp in if he had a monster. The fact that he goes all in shows that he has a mediocre hand that he thinks is better than yours or he hopes you don't have a hand at all. Either one of
  7. If it's heads up I'd call without even thinking about it.
  8. Don't bet every pot. People will realize you're bluffing and most of the time you don't catch anything. Mix it up. Learn your opponents and bet on flops you think they didn't hit. It takes a lot of practice.
  9. To hit trips you need to catch 2 cards out of the 50 (you don't take into account what the other players cards are because you don't know). So you take 2/50 (card 1)+ 2/49 (card 2) +2/48 (card 3). About twelve percent.
  10. Generally, someone who raises in early position will raise with a really solid hand because they're not afraid of getting reraised. So calling with small or medium pocket pair, you'll be either be a big underdog or even money. It's really up to you how you want to play it. I don't think there's anything wrong with calling. But if there's more than one person in the pot or you're afraid that there's going to be more callers you should throw your hand away.
  11. Did you refer a friend? You get fifty for doing that.
  12. It doesn't matter what he had. You should have bet on the turn. Now you have to fold.
  13. You will have to rebuy. If the bonus rebuy is 900 chips you will be very disadvantaged agaisnt everyone else who does the rebuy, which will be everybody else. So the tournament is actually minimum of twenty-five dollars. My advice is to buy as many chips as you can towards the end. In the beginning you don't have to, just try to accumulate chips through play. Also keep in mind that the blinds are going to go up so high that it doesn't really matter if someone has a few hundered more chips than you.
  14. I just want to know though, does it throw your game off. I just don't know how to play these guys sometimes.
  15. 20 dollar sng. I've got top pair with two callers. Turn comes two bets into me. I've got to fold right? One of these guys is on an inside straight draw. The other with a small pocket pair.Whoever plays party poker do these guys throw your game off. I'm really thinking I need to take my winnings and get out of here. I just don't know what to do. If I raise they still call. It's really frustrating. And the next time when the same thing happens they'll have the nuts.
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