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  1. All the good luck charms should save us from the top pair problems by insuring that we can beat top pair when that happens. After bouncing around the forums some I am impressed, I'll have to drop by more often! I'll be watching the match tonight, and may the best man (that isn't Brian Fidler) win!
  2. I will be training Maxima, who is a member of my poker coaching site, in preparation for his match against Brian Fidler on Sunday night for $5k. I just wanted to drop by and say hello, and let you know that we will have our guy ready for the match. To be honest I don't think your guy has a chance. 1. Our guy is the underdog and has a ton of people rooting for him. That doesn't make him an automatic winner, but with the other things I have put together in his training regimen it is a big advantage. 2. I have learned the classic Rocky theme on my guitar, as well as Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"
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