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  1. awesome to hear from both of you! did everyone else disappear like jerry?
  2. hey all, about this time last year i was drunk and full of pancakes, stumbling back to my hotel room in downtown toronto, after a night out on the town with DN himself, getting ready for the protege final table the next morning. well, we all know how that turned out :blush:anyway, how has your poker "career" changed between then and now? (we know your answer fid ) what sort of impression has the protege weekend left you with now that a year has passed? got anything else exciting going for you?last year, i was playing $10-$20 STTs and MTTs and a little LHE. Between now in then, I've gotten
  3. sit n goes are super rigged, here's my last 100 (6.50s with some 16s in there, fwiw i had 25% roi at 16s and 22s before i left sngs for a while, so i like to think i know what i'm doing)it's sick, disgusting, and depressing to know you're never going to win a flip and that having the dominating hand means absolutely nothing.my last final is monday morning, so after that i am chompin at the bit to put some hours in.
  4. there is no industry standard when it comes to contrast ratio, it's a pretty worthless statistic.
  5. here's how i've spent the past 48 hours, pretty baller, huh?
  6. i withdrew what was left of my absolute roll to buy an HDTV, i'll post pics of my new office area when i get it. that leaves me with a couple hundo on stars, where i'm going to play a couple hundred 6.50s to get back in the swing of STTs then go back to the 16s.i remember why i left STTs in the first placei got notes on this guy "mr AK, QQ+ pf, rbig w/ garbage, gambol"first hand BTWPoker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t10/t209 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) kkcountry is SB with A K 2 folds, MP1 raises to t220, 4 folds, kkcountry raises all-in t1500, BB folds, MP1 calls all-in
  7. not enough, as my current bankroll is probably 15% of my total profit from the past year or so. life is a big ****in rake, especially when poker is your only source of income.
  8. the last 1000 hands are so are april, at levels from 2/4 to 5/10. i am going back to sng's sooner rather than later
  9. top graph is shlhe, bottom graph is frnlhelol, i only played 1300 (at 13.61 BB/100 lol) hands this month, school kicked my ***. i did play a couple live sessions and finished up about $250, which was nice. i also played about 700 hands of breakeven lo8, i didn't play a single donkament or STT.so with all that said, my april goals:i have finals this month, so i'm going to take it easy. i've got $100 in bonus money i need to clear by the 10th, so that's really the only goal i have, is to play enough hands to clear that, but after the 12th or so, any poker i play will be a bonus. my only othe
  10. yeah zach, with lappy's it's either a really easy fix or you're buying another one. hope it's the former!in the last 21 days of february (i started on AP on 2/9) my MGR was $1997. 20 days into march, my MGR is $97. school sucks a big fat donkey ****.
  11. i call flop, raise a non club turn, but as it happened, there's nothing wrong with that line
  12. BTN wasn't going to call 12 bucks out of curiosity, and like you said, if he folds and SB calls, and i'm good, i get the same number of bets in. if BTN/SB has a higher flush i lose 2 big bets by raising, and .5 by calling (assuming if the SB has me beat, the BTN will not raise closing the action)i agree that i should have lead the flop
  13. casino windsor lhe 3/68 handedreads: SB has seen every flop, check called flop, in a previous hand, he led into me from SB on turn and river with A3o on a 269[A][T] board after i raised UTG+1 with AJs (i just called the turn and river on that hand )BTN also played nearly every hand, bet, raised a lot of flops with weak holdings (bet out on AQ5 board from SB with 77) has called multiple single bets on the river with nothing "because the pot was so big"kkcountry is UTG+1 with T 7 :diamond:UTG calls, hero calls, MP1 folds, MP2 calls, CO folds, BTN calls, SB completes, BB checksflop: (6 handed, p
  14. i played some drunken 3/6 at windsor today in between ncaa playoff games, here's a graph:
  15. i have not played at all this month, the first two weeks was because school was kicking my ***, and this week i've just been lazy, and i obv can't play during march madness.
  16. exactly!iggy, you're way too talented to be doing this to yourself, what's so attractive about the pit anyway?
  17. pros - intellectually stimulating, SH experience is +++++EV when live games get short as most live players won't adaptcons - variance, variance, variance
  18. QFT lolplzdon'tstratbanme
  19. i haven't played on absolute this month, but i am up 6 buyins at 50nl (at FCP) NL is EZ and not swingy at all
  20. you guys who are saying that $125,000 is a helluva payday for shannon elisabeth have no idea how hollywood works
  21. 2/5NL, 200 max buyin (casino windsor) (8 handed)reads: UTG isn't anything remarkable, that;s for sure, has no concept of position, seems to me like he believes that unlimited hold them rewards bold agressive playimportant stacks: kkcountry ~ 260, UTG coverskkcountry is in CO with A Q :spade:UTG limps, 3 folds, kkcountry raises to $22, 3 folds, UTG calls.dealing flop (pot is $51)9 3 5 :diamond:UTG checks, kkcountry bets $35, UTG callsdealing turn (pot is $121)K :spade:UTG bets $70, kkcountry...right now i've got ~200 behind. that turn lead totally threw me off, i really didn't think it's le
  22. that's horseshit! i showed up at 9:08 (i had already registered earlier in the week) and it told me i had already been eliminated?????? WTF?????
  23. easy cap vs opponents who are capable of stealing the blinds and 3 betting light in the SB. i might fold 55 and lower, fwiw
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