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  1. I think a lot of people (while supplying correct information and good GENERAL advice) are missing the key points. The most important things I got from your posts are that 1) you HATE your day job, and 2) you could easily(within a month you say) get back on the wagon if it came down to that.Life is too short. I think you should follow your dreams, and do what you love (both in poker and photography). Happiness is more important than the safe and secure path. I honestly believe that if you truly love a particular field, and you're focused and disciplined, and have well thought out long-term
  2. I would like to see a reallocation of the money that goes into a public school system. Like, switch the Administrators' salaries with the much more important Teaching jobs. I seem to recall the dean at my high school owning a jet, and she didn't do a damn thing. It's a similar (although much worse in the education industry) ailment of corporations I've worked for - too top-heavy with managers and analyzers and report-makers that don't really do anything, and not enough going into actually creating a quality product.If it were up to me, becoming a public teacher would be about as difficult a
  3. To those that bring up population control with regards to the long term sustainability of the human race and/or the earth - I think you severely underestimate both the human race and the earth.How is "viable embryo" defined? An "autonomous" newborn cannot survive on its own either. Why are miscarriages so traumatic? How do women who want children view what is within them during pregnancy?
  4. I just saw Daniel and Phil Ivey in the stands at the Australian Open. They're watching Martina Hingis's return match.On a side-note, I saw Doyle in attendence at the UFC event tonight.
  5. I was just asking to see if there is some mathematical back up when trying to read if an opponent has a pocket pair that would have you more dominated than the typical coin flip.Here is the situation as the hand played out1/2 NLH cash game at Caesar's PalaceMe and this girl about 4 positions to my right got tangled in a hand early after I sat down.I had the Krablar and like the good FCP Charter Member that I am....I jammed it down her throat until she folded....which gave me about a $250 pot. When she folded...I then showed the mighty Krablar to the table and said the obligatory "Hail to the
  6. Anyone play the one on the 29th? Is it 8 min. rounds? How big do the blinds jump each round?
  7. endo


    If that's what he meant, then he could have said "Of course, you could never convince him of that, he's a trash-talking, poker-playing punk with no respect for the history of the game!". Instead, he states that his youth has something to do with his problems. If you're reading the statements with blinders on, then I feel you don't think that generational disdain is an issue. A minor one, I've repeatedly admitted, but an issue I feel the world can do without. I disagree that ethnicity and age play a part in "how people respond to stress and make decisions". (with sex/phisical conditioning i
  8. endo


    There will always be tons of people younger than you that know more than you and are more mature than you.There will always be tons of people older than you that know less than you and are less mature than you.Retards and badasses come in all shapes and sizes (and ethnicities, and genders, and ages).
  9. endo


    DC deserves worse than what DN is saying about him. DC's a classless jerk, and isn't even remotely in DN's league at headsup limit hold'em. I just don't like elitist slants against people based on age. It's the whole, "you're young, you don't know any better" attitude. I wholeheartedly approve of DN attacking DC in his blogs. I just don't like attacking his age. DC's age has nothing to do with his character. Age has nothing to do with anybody's character.
  10. endo


    I don't know his intent, but it's possible his use of the word "kid" (and other words pointing to their youth) is mildly (very mildly, but still) derogatory.It's mostly the overall tone of the section about his heads up match with DC. And the fact that you don't see it, is kind of one of the points I was trying to make.The main specific section was, "Of course, you could never convince him of that, he's 23 for goodness sakes!" He backs up the assumption by drawing conclusion from the sample of early 20's people he's experienced (including himself)."When I was 23, I was 172% certain that nobo
  11. One of my biggest pet peeves is ageism. I found it a little ironic that in DN's blog where he mentions "racism", he stereotypes based on age (and sprinkles in a little nationalistic stereotypes as well).One of my favorite things about poker is that it is such a pure form of competition between individuals where age, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc. are all pretty meaningless (much like it is in most aspects of life).It's easy not to stereotype ethnicity. It's a little less easy (though still easy) not to stereotype gender or sexual preference. I find it odd how easy it is to attac
  12. endo

    poker music

    Motorhead "Ace of Spades".
  13. Does the client have a mini-view option like UB's? If not, if anyone with power is reading this, I cast my vote to add this functionality.I absolutely LOVE UB's mini-view UI.
  14. I run a weekly home tourny, and all the participants seem pretty pleased with the structure.note: I decided it was dumb to have the illusion of large chip values, with the typical starting round of 25-50. Whatever. If you have 5000 in your stack and the blinds are 10-20, it's the same as having 50o at 1-2. Starting stacks are dependent on # of players - 4500/n (n = number of players). We typically have about 10 people show up, so with 450 you start with about 225 times the big blind for the first round.20 minute rounds1-22-43-64-85-107-14 (a lot of my friends who aren't as math-inclined hat
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