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  1. i have an existing account on FTP but had a real money account already u guys know if there are any wya for me 2 get rakeback
  2. are there any charges by the way
  3. I was wondering whats the best way to withdraw cheque? or Instadebt and is there a charge for it thx guys
  4. thx guys im new at omaha so needed 2 understand y
  5. one of the guys was complaining how i call this. But in my opinion u cant fold. any comments?
  6. Does anyone know when daniels protege contest is starting? i have a feeling its a going to be alot tuffer to win a seat to the final table of this event now since its on pstars.
  7. cant believe this thread actually flopped. its DN our "leader" were talking about. lol
  8. i suppose bart left liveatthebike for pokerroad? yea and the million dollar cash game changing his accent makes him look like a loser. Even bart mentioned this on pokerroad radio
  9. supposedly daniel mentioned somthing about pokerVT relates to like poker as well, that is what i can remember from his blogs. not too sure though
  10. yea im pretty sure hes just messing around in lower stakes
  11. wow thewynn whos that in ur sig?
  12. thanks "stupidkid" www.sellyourseat.com offers .96$ any takers for more then that? if not gonna sell em now
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