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  1. Hey,Just got a PM from Far-east Fleung, asking to beat him senseless at fantasy basketball. If there's room still, I'm going to sign up (Yahoo fantasy right)? I'm 'GreatGooglyMoogly' on Yahoo - if you're already full let me know and I'll bugger off...ps: love the league setup - 8 keepers = trade-fest in the off-season
  2. Wow - I hope you're not married and/or with kids... If you are single, get a bigger increase - at worst you declare bankruptcy, have the bank repo the car and have to sell blood for a bit to eat Ramen.No guts no glory, $300 is nothing.ps: If you need the number of a good debt-settlement company, let me know - I get referral $'s.
  3. Out of playing 75 or so of these, I've seen maybe 10 where there wasn't at least 2 people all-in preflop on the first hand...Good times.
  4. I worked at KFC for 3 years in high school... Animal cruelty should be the least of your concerns when considering whether or not to order a bucket o' chicken.
  5. Dammit - I thought this was going to be a nice trip report filled with debauchery...
  6. If there's not enough cards left for everyone to get a 7th card, then a single card is placed face-up in the middle of the table and is a common card.ps: I'm in 100% too!
  7. Bring more than $200 to FW - especially if you're traveling from a distance... Nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of the forest without a buy-in.
  8. I will turn $10 into $20 million tonight... 5 quick-picks baby! Stakes to follow...
  9. Not poker, but nonetheless...http://www.steelcitysfinest.com/HondaAccordAd.htm
  10. Try TI's Tangerine game - been told that it doesn't get spread often, but I know there's sometimes an interest list going - and maybe if you go there in person you can get on the list & give the floor your cell # - if you're nearby for a bit...
  11. Yeah thought I'd heard that... Casino Niagara is just too depressing to play in, regardless of how soft the 1/2nl game is. Fallsview has better parking, nicer tables, cleaner chips, better dealers & a craps table just outside of the poker area - about the only thing Niagara has are more tv's in better llocations.So, there ever an interest list for 4/8HORSE (or HOSE)?
  12. I think a FCP barrage of some Niagara cash games is warranted... Maybe 13 Cards can get us a mixed game going if we show up with enough
  13. The real question should be why is anyone spending any amount of time trying to 'out' him. Let him live in his fantasy world if he wants - he's what, 18?
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