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  1. Listen man... I have 4 pages of bad beat Hand histories that I save... but just for myself. I don't go posting them or complaining about it to anyone for 3 reasons.1. No one wants to hear it.2. Every poker player thinks at certain points that they are the most unlucky player on the planet.3. In reality.... No one player is more unlucky than the other... they just don't have the same runs at the same time.I know it sucks man... I've been there. Just try to stay sane... don't go crazy and blow your roll chasing your money.
  2. I looked at this hand wrong... you are right. When I looked at it the first time I saw the villain as the preflop raiser and the lead out on the flop... which left 10's JJ QQ KK AA in his range for me... you're right... not 3 betting and then not raising on the flop pretty much takes them out of the equation.. nice work.
  3. Calling is definitely an option.... I just think that statement is more true in a ring game.... where as in a tournament... if the straight card comes off 1/5 times.... but every time it cost you your tournament life... The situation changes a bit? no?
  4. Meant to say "he was the preflop raiser from second position"
  5. I actually agree with the no... what play do you make on the river if a 7 or 8 comes off and he shoves? Can you get away? DoubtfulIf he has the straight already... [b]you're not getting away[/b].... He was the pre flop from second position... If he has 10's or better.... he might get away... but more than likely at this level you're going to get paid off.Clearly any other 9 is paying you off.... and if he has a boat well then... you're not getting away..The point is... what hand do you put him on besides 10's or better that the money isn't going in here?May as well get it in now and snub out a
  6. Actually I just noted it was an $11 sit n go... haha I thought it was $119... you may not get that fold after all... less likely... lets just hope he has some common sense.
  7. The opening bet seems like it was a feeler... I'm thinking he prob. has a weak suited ace and doesn't want you firing a pot sized bet out there with a Ace bigger kicker.A descent bet on the turn and you immediately find out where your at...You either get raised by a big hand... or at this level.. i'm willing to bet he dumps A9 or worse if your bet sizing is right..just my opinion.
  8. Right.................................................................... The Casino's will never see you coming...... lol.
  9. Just do like me and deposit $55 on Full tilt and win the 50/50 on your first try... Bam... 10K...
  10. Raise to $1.50 ... he's calling with the spade draw... if he hits you get paid off.... if he misses you got some value out of it by RAISING the turn...
  11. Your read was correct... but Villains pick up hands too... could have been beat... even if though you weren't it's still a fold... Wait for 9 more players and then take a shot like that...
  12. Why don't you try Posting some of the E-mails... it would help.I understand the frustration but I can almost positively say Doyle has no reason to steal your 1K... If you confronted Doyle he would probably bounce a stack of measly 1k chips off your head for insulting his Rep.
  13. Sorry I didn't take the time to use a converter guys... next time I will.1. Smoke was the small blind... He was the only guy I was in position against.. your right if I check folded it would be horrible.... but he Insta pot size bet the flop.2. I called in position with Jacks becuase with no reads if I raise to what 12K... and I get RR I'm not sure if I can get away from it. My plan was to A. Hit a jack. Lol. Or more likely see if he slows down since he has to bet into a flat caller... I just feel I run into Queens or better here alot of the time.3. I feel like I still have enough chips here
  14. Note we were not in the money yet... had about 20 more ppl. to go. I am still in this tourney and my chip stack is still sitting at around 30k. Am I supposed to make this fold here? This guy literally just got moved to the table.... I think the fold is correct without any reads.... just kills me to fold JJ on a 6 Max. What you guys think?Full Tilt Poker Game #14487548901: $12,500 KO Guarantee (106378037), Table 144 - 250/500 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:35:23 ET - 2009/09/05Seat 1: kgbexpress (84,054)Seat 2: 19smoke77 (30,147)Seat 3: Jaxup1984 (35,931)Seat 4: vieve79 (25,673)Seat 5: zarmit1
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