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  1. This was one of the best episodes yet and it wasn't even the season finale. Over all I think we are going to find out that they are all dead... sounds weird but its my theory and I am sticking to it
  2. I am a big Sopranos fan - I think this season is lacking a little but its still worthy of tuning in. I do have to say that when Vito is finally popped I will be happy camper. Cant stand the *ucker. I can't stand how he walks and how they keep saying he lost weight.. hes still a FAT @ss. Ok done now
  3. AbeAllen

    i hate...

    Stupid, dumb people. They really annoy me.
  4. A forensic psycologist, crazy I know
  5. I don't have a good picture to share but I have enjoyed looking at the ones that are posted. Some are hiliarious and some are just plain ole unfreaking belieavable.
  6. My life is a chaotic, procrastinating, cluttered loud mess with too many people in my face.
  7. Always wanted my own radio show. I just dont see it happening so instead I will tune into yours. What do you cover?!
  8. My Moms baked ziti w/garlic bread with a side of Skirtsteak and lots of cheesecake to top it off.
  9. AbeAllen


    {cough}don't use your own ip{/cough} but definitely limewire over kazaa.
  10. Never seen it but it sounds mighty interesting and a bit entertaining.
  11. Lots of things amaze me but some of them wouldn't be politically correct so I will refrain from going there ;)Airplanes amaze me the Inernet still amazes me daily
  12. AbeAllen

    top 10

    Linkin ParkSmash MouthAerosmithBushMatchbox 20Papa RoachThird Eye BindFuelMetalicaBlack Eye PeasRock Much?
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