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  1. The A is the key card in all Hi/Lo games, for the obvious reason it plays both ways. Often you'll back into A's up with this kind of hand even when your flush and low fail to get there. I like just calling here. If you don't pick up a an A, another suited card or a baby on 4th street you can be done with it. If you hit, you can still bet on the come with a dump truck full of outs and 3 cards to come. The 9 door card is tougher. Multiway, its certainly a brick. But you have two wheel cards down and if you make a wheel or 6 or even a 75, all the 76's and 8's are going to pay you off. The
  2. Raise the flop. Pop it 900 or 1000 more. If he moves in, you let it go, if he calls and checks the turn - you're in control.
  3. What could he have that would leave you in good shape?22 or 33? Most likely is a coin toss, and worst case is a pocket pair bigger than yours. (Which is also much more likely to call you if you push.) I'd look for another spot.
  4. Mixed feelings - with 3 limpers, 2 of which call reraises, this looks like a very passive game. Hero's play is pretty passive as well, called a reraise with a lot action behind him, then check called twice. Putting in a raise in almost any of those spots will let you know where you are.
  5. Fold - you aren't even drawing to the nuts.
  6. I don't like the call - UTG+1 limp call - prob suited connectors, like TJs or maybe QJs, else a mid pair, 7's - 9's, maybe even a little lower. Villian is most certainly a big pair or a big A, like AK, AQBlind caller - ??? You need an A or clubs here, yet half the time the A gets there you're dominated, the other half, little cards come and hit UTG+1 or the Blind. Your only real draw is the flush and that's going to cost you alot if you miss, and not get there very often. Very marginal position to play. Your comment about not wanting him to call your re-raise says alot. Anytime you don't
  7. Since he check raised, you can be pretty sure he'll fire again on the turn no matter what hits. There's no way to be sure he'll call a reraise. I think calling will get more money in over the long run.
  8. I've played with card room managers in plenty of ring games. That's really not odd for small cardrooms. But anytime you don't think its all on the up and up, leave.
  9. I was out there last month. For my $.02 here's some cheaper ones to look at. There is a decent AM tourney across the street at the flamingo - 11:00 AM start with a $65 buy in. I cashed Friday AM (deal for 599 and no w2g) and my buddy won it the next day. I'd recommend the long cab ride downtown through - Friday night 8:00 tourney at Binions. They've really cleaned it up. You'd hardly recognize it. $125 including the add-on/rebuy - good 4-5 hours worth of play.
  10. Now? Always been. The Pentagon is inside the beltway. Poker is nothing new to the military. Nixon financed his first campaign with poker winnings from his time in the Navy. The SCOTUS has had regular games for decades. And as the article mentions, so has congress.
  11. I think this used to be a Letterman segment when he was funny.Anyway, last year's WSOP - I'm in town for a conference and it wraps up early Friday, I'm not leaving until Sat so I figure I'll head over to the Rio and see a bit of the show. The tourney doesn't start for an hour so the room is pretty empty. I go into the Full Tilt Hospitality Suite because there's nothing else to do and get a T-Shirt or something. I read a flyer that Todd Bruson won a bracelet the night before. As I walk out, coming at me on a scooter is Todd's dad. The man himself. He nodds at me and I say, "Congrats - the
  12. Are you kidding? You played great, constant pressure like a big stack should. I obviously didn't recognize the alias - the others I did. No disrespect.
  13. I don't know TenaciousB -But he certainly played well.(He'd have to be a master to knock me out ;-))
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