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  1. funny you didnt show how you got those chips...and yes im still bitter. that beat was brutal.
  2. good ole ted lawson came thru in the clutch for jc's buyin lolyea i busted yesterday in a questionable hand where i ran two pair against a flopped set after smooth calling ak against a tight player's 3rd position raise. it was an awkward spot and to make matters worse two friends came up to me AFTER THE HAND and told me he was the nittiest nit nit ever lol. Thanks guys.Dunno if u heard about the table of doom yesterday but I was sandwiched in it. Was so sick. No dead money, even the unknown was rock solid and no one was giving up chips even remotely easy. Pretty much hinged on whoever ran the
  3. Don't need an hour. Already had 6 at the 2006 PCA in the lobby and he proved to me that he is in fact a god among mere mortals. Oh, an he likes to write dicks on Gavin Smith's passed out face. But that's another story weeeeeeeee.....
  4. 15k 2nd break. had qq vs 88 ai pre, 8 flop or else id be at 35k :/. oh well. still in, thats all that matters. im hangin with jc right now and he always gets me back into posting on fcp when im around him lol.
  6. In honor of JC I am trying to play at least 30% of all hands in the Sunday Warmup today. I'm currently at 37k at 150/300.Here's the sickest value bet ever and by sickest value bet ever I mean a bluff that turned into a value bet lol.PokerStars Game #10014106479: Tournament #50194290, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (50/100) - 2007/05/20 - 13:12:45 (ET)Table '50194290 381' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: Roothlus (22800 in chips) Seat 2: mrsjacko (5190 in chips) Seat 3: ARICCARI (10980 in chips) Seat 4: schrotti36 (18410 in chips) Seat 5: MagicWindow (9650 in chips) Seat 6: Elfkon (7850
  7. I'm just starting a thread now for when JC makes the final table of Mirage WPT. GL JC.And by the way, I've been doing my best JC/Looshle impressions. I cashed 2 live tournies at the WSOP New Orleans Circuit Event! Sky's the limit now!
  8. God that pic is priceless.I'd probably say my 'Saigon' is my friend Sean. He's pretty much a token black guy who everyone likes and he's just about always with me. Unfortunately, he can't rap for **** but he's decent at poker and getting better everyday.
  9. I figured out who Bel0w could be. Bob Ryan LOL. "What if I was to tell you..."
  10. well i have been lurking more often lately so hopefully.i sorta feel obligated to post here after seeing jc and looshle on fcp pretty much the entire time we were in vegas. i think they both occasionally stopped reading the threads to get 2nd in a wsop event or final table a wpt prelim but that was pretty much about it.
  11. So why can't I be on a team? I mean, JC is on a team and he's God's gift to poker.
  12. how do i get up in this piece? this sounds like fun. has it already started?
  13. JC and Daniel Negreanu should play each other heads up. If not for money, at least do it for the rights to being the laggiest player ever. This would be a great match to watch. Only 80% of hands being played.But seriously, JC is the man. This was a great day for the Mexican poker community. There will probably be a National PrtyPSux Day in Mexico someday. We can only hope.
  14. This pic must've been photoshopped or is a complete hoax because JC does NOT fold 6high.
  15. ***COUGHCOUGH***. I posted here once lol.
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