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  1. somehow still in, got 10k with 500/1k blinds wish me luck!!!!!!
  2. out, aq<tt aipfgl anyone whose still in
  3. at 2.8k at break had like 5k but when in the big blind w/ 67 flop came 567 obv. villian had the 89 couldn't get away from of cause of stack sizes etc.gl everyone
  4. at 5.7k doubeld with ak vs. 67 on a kq8 board lol
  5. suprisingly, yes.I guess i could settle for a cheetah, but leapords are just so cool.
  6. To see my family, and to win many many tournys and not donk away to much at the cash games.oh and a pet leapord
  7. wow, great call there with the TT sir. my hats off to ya
  8. head up now, although down 2-1 in chipleadethen my ****ing at losees to a2 EVERY****ING TIME AHAEWRAJWDFAKL;JADL;KFJDKLS;F
  9. well i'm out. but currently 3/5 in that 75 tourny gl to ya'll
  10. tytytyty, now i'm 4/7 tough final table tho. gl to me!
  11. for anyone who is interested i just made the final table of the 69+6 that started at 19:00 in as ashley242 currently 4/9 come wish me luck!!!!!
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