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    Sup bitches? Hope everything is good with all of you!
  2. Definitely hate you for sharing this. Game is a piece of shit and I hate it. DIE DIE DIE SAVAGEREBEL
  3. For Everyone:In defense of Steve:I think that Steve is probably a nice guy, I've talked with him a bit about his training course in the past and he came across as very interested in what others were doing and not at all focused on getting money out of it. You have to realize that at $3000/6months, that's anywhere from 4-30BB's in the games he plays. While that may be a lot of money to some of us, that's not a lot of BB's to any of us (maybe the MTT donks...). The amount of work and time he puts into the training course is much larger than the time it would take him to make 4-30BBs.
  4. what's your skype name we'll ad dyou? skype.com?
  5. What do you think about Zach's nut selection?
  6. Who are you on skype with RIGHT NOW?
  7. you're being dumb on AIM so here's my thoughts[22:21] OnLyMe386: need lessons on tournament closure techniques? [22:21] OnLyMe386: ray says you need help
  8. Great, a black fag as presidentwhat is the world coming to?
  9. He said some of them had a future in sports...
  10. I'm sure you keep a completely level head 9 minutes after busting out ON THE BUBBLE of a $2500 entry tournament (this is the exact same as a lot of WSOP events)? 9 minutes after that ace hits the river, you've walked away from the table and said "meh oh well, wasn't that cool"? You've just gotten into your taxi and are like "yeah, whatever, I'll just go home and watch some TV"? You didn't call your buddy, staker, friend, or anybody else to tell them how you just busted?
  11. Seriously all you ****ing morons, he posted this 9 minutes after losing a huge hand on a sick beat. If you don't think that 10 minutes later, and even several hours later he's going to be a little emotional and upset about this, you've obviously run like a Kenyan Usain Bolt your entire career.
  12. that's because JC loves you and wants you to quit smoking. she lunged for something, it wasn't the door.bets on whether she turned around and walked back in after the signoff?
  13. or BBG? big man on the interweb (nnb) >>>>>>> little man on the interweb (you)
  14. We're very interested in all 3, could you PM me the builds?
  15. working 55-65 hours a week, meetings till 7pm on Fridays, meetings at 7am on Saturdays...Why can't the world understand me?
  16. Our level cap is gone and we're looking for starters at several positions. We've made the decision that we are ONLY bringing in players who will boost and buy custom equip.We are looking for starters at LOT, LG, and SS. We also need backups for OT, LB, and SS among other spots. Find me on GLB and send me a PM if you're interested, here's my player link: http://goallineblitz.com/game/home.pl?user_id=84540
  17. seriously, you knew if you threw me a bone i'd come running after it :)work blows, i'm working 7am-5pm (at the earliest), working till 8pm on friday nights, meetings at 7am on saturdays...How's it going? i guess you're getting sexed a little more often now?
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