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  1. Have to agree with you on this one Bob..........Tony B.
  2. Phoenix 9:45, Matthew Lombardi 16 (Wojtek Wolski, Shane Doan 2nd pho goal he got an assist
  3. Add assist for Wolski,going to need it
  4. Havlet one time baby,update mueller 2 goal and assist
  5. If someone can get that info,i think it would be great help for the new teams.
  6. WARNING TO ALL NEW AHL TEAMSBe careful dealing with Daniel hes cheap and a thief,better off dealing with Serge expecially if you got a leaf(Serge =donkey in poker terms when dealing with hockey pool stuff).
  7. http://www.alternativehockeyleague.com/dra...cksandyears.htmLink to draft page and order of draft below i have 1st and 2nd rounders from Canadian Gothics1. SMOKIN' T-BIRDS 2. SMUGGLERS 3. PKDEALERS 4. BANDITS 5. LEGEND KILLERS 6. MUSTANGS 7. CANADIAN GOTHIC 8. GREASEBALLS 9. GHOSTS OF ELVIS 10. RAVAG 11. RED RAVENS 12. RUG RATS 13. SWACKERS 14. INGMEN 15. PURPLE HEARTS 16. SHOOT LOOSE 17. DAWGS 18. SCREAMIN' EAGLES 19. CHEAP THIEVES 20. THE BIG M'
  8. Hey Mapleleafspoker im looking for cash only,take a look at my team SHOOTLOOSE,i got 7th overall pick this year,willing to move all my picks plus the players ive allready posted up......im only looking for cash in return,with the exception of Eric Staal(would need much more than cash).
  9. Hey guys welcome to the pool,im looking to trade,need some cash anywhere from $7 to $10,i got 4 draft picks this year with the 1st and 2nd rounders of Canadian Gothic and my own 3rd and 4th(shootloose)....also might be willing to part with Eric Staal for the right deal,might be willing to move Joni Pitkanen,Kemmo Timonen,Rusty klesla,Rusty Olesz
  10. Hey Serge,i put Klesla on the list just for you!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Not really,just looking to get under my salary cap......need to get about $7 off the books.
  12. Now that we got the salaries up,lets start the off season trading....ive made a post with available players such as allstar Eric Staal ,Rusty Olesz,Joni Pitkanen,Kemmo Timonen,Rusty Klesla
  13. Not yet bubby.....ive kept hutchy for this long just for tonight........i feel a goal coming in the 3rd..........and im officially putting up protest on Higgins non goal......i smell a payoff.
  14. Wow talk about a fix,Higgins not been credit a goal complete highway robbery.....SHOOTLOOSE has been vanbusault......im left for hutchinson to pop one in for me in the 3rd.
  15. Looks like Cheap Thieves are getting outcoached.......he keeps making mistake after mistake.....if he loses this series the gm should fire the coach......ya thats right fire himself........hehehe
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