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  1. JC is a baller and one of the best tourny players out there but he sucks at wearing a hat backwards.
  2. why do you think he hasnt made 70K in one year playing 2-5nl live. This can be done prett easy. The 2-5 games are so unique espicially the games with no cap.
  3. Horeshoe, Grand, and Goldstrike thats were you want to be. Horeshoe and Grand will have 2-5 with Grand being more tourists and Horeshoe with more grinders that play everyday. And the stacks at 2-5 at the Grand will be anywere from 200 to 1000. Horeshoe 2-5 will be much deeper with some guys having like 4 or 5K. So i would suggest Grand. thats were I play when im in Tunica. But dont get me wrong the game at the Shoe is awfully soft sometimes as well.As for 20-40 the only Casino with that kind of Limit action is Horeshoe. And that game is the loosest 20-40 game in the world, seriously.
  4. I really appreciate your advice and concern but ive talked it over with my parents (they are supportive and know my abilitly and hourly rate) and with one of my very good friends that plays poker for a living. Hes no DN but he makes enough to live very comfortably and only plays mid stake games and some mid to high no limit. Hes been helping and watching my play for two years now and has really givin me some confidience to think i can do this. Like I said if its not going well and i dont feel like i can beat the game long term then i will go back to work, it well always be there for me. Im
  5. no man im no doctor im a nurse that scrubs in surgery but i enjoy my job. but so far this year ive made more playing poker in half the time. Im going to evaluate after 6 months and see what im doing. If it doenst work out i can always go back to work.
  6. man good luck if you go. I think it is very dependent on the person if you make it or not playing everyday for a living is tough but i think someone with a good frame of mind can do it. My roll right now is 20k and i plan on making my first trip to vegas in early december. But i plan on getting an apartment in Tunica (i only live about 2 hours away) and playing in the 2-5 nl game at the Grand, Horeshoe,and goldstrike. My win rate is very good in those games and believe i can beat these games over an exptended period. I also have other money besides my roll but really believe i can do it.
  7. I feel that the average 1-2nl player is much better online than the average 1-2 or 2-5nl live player. but i think as you go higher in stakes that the average 10-20, 25-50 and so on internet player is worse than the the average live player at that size. It seems in my experience that in bigger live games there a few huge fish with money to burn but online at those same stakes there are more bad players who have had a great run and move up without the proper ability and i see tons on player tilt off there money online.just my observations
  8. I think i am going to go over there for the Scotty (however you say his last name) Wynn poker tournament. just wondering how the side action was there mainly nlh 2-5, or 5-10. and if anyone knows how the structure is in the tournaments that would be nice too. thanks.
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