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  1. OMG LMFAOROFLROFLROFL Very very funny daniel... What to be my youth (yut), you be a runboy me bloodclot/// bumbarass clatt//// Wow are u funny.... was that real weed or garden clippings????u uuu be scotty nguyen... best pokah playa evah babay....Congragulations Daniel you made me sh it myself//// very very funny
  2. If we could all come together, and bash AJmoneybaggs 1by1... it would be much appreciated... I am a complete loser... I am broke and I no longer play online poker... I have no life... my penis was severed in an accident and have only "online friends". please every1 feel sorry for me and accept me as one of your own... signed FCP loserI do not play illegal poker!!!!signed - a-rod
  3. For the record tritz... what u have to say is insightful and rather enjoyable... my concern is with "Jordan" the poker blog slut... please blog about a 1k-2k game only... Tritz some of your post are freckin funny... and you yourself are classic... Jordan enjoy the dishwashing...And pilot jobs are very coveted and they are very imprortant... u control the destiny's of hundreds of passengers and the base salary is 35-45k/// as high as 100-200k for private pilots... ie puff daddy;s pilot makes 250k a year...
  4. ARE u SERIOUS????Jordan's Poker Blog 10/10: /ventCategory: GeneralPosted by: JordanAdd commentI made the worst play I have ever made in a MTT just about 5 minutes ago. I mean, deep too. Down to 19, I had been in top 10 whole tourney, chip leader a few times. Then I make a total donk play and go near broke with K high. I was trying to represent a hand, but regardless, my play and timing was just so far off when I did it, I don't know how I actually thought it would work.UGH, just bad. Payout was nice, first $925, and I have great Final Table success once I get there. And I saw no reason why I s
  5. If I had to read ur blog... I would kill myself... the weber blog is about 1$ sngo;s, 5$ multi's and popping teenage pimples... please and ty remove that stupid blog link from the forum... u are not daniel... u are not paul phillips... and I cannot think of one person who actually wants to read about a 1cent2cent omoaha game... jeeeez weber get a freckin life u stinky donkey!!!
  6. Daniel Negreanu's net worth is 5.4million...Forbes magazine
  7. Tiffany is by far worse... danny was just playing fast to win the tournament.... 3handed is way different than 50 players left, and someone just trying to give their chips away...Tiffany is horrid...
  8. I've been known to bluff at a pot and fold late in the hand with not many chips left and the pot being big... this does not constitute collusion... also who calls support on players in a 1$ sngo... jeez budd get a life
  9. what would be the ethnicity of the child??? half chinese half romanian... 100% degenerate???
  10. Im gonna go out on a limb to say that it was gus who got his "Prop Cherry broken", as he lost 1 million playing prop bets... gus, here's a tip, don;t bet on quads ending up on the flop, a flop only contains 3 cards...and barry, jesus age murphy, who calls down someone in omaha8b with a board showing Q10xxx with JJxx, not smart barry, u cannot win that pot?????? and for the record daniel, I think baduki should be a wsop event, maybe we can start a new event, h-o-r-s-e- baduki-n-chinesepoker?????daniel, please tighten up and concentrate, u are playing the best players in the world, we hope u do
  11. I am unhappy with his overall performance... very unprofessional and he is starting to get a little cocky, not to mention he appears to be a horrible poker player...QQ57 reraise in PLO, cmon dude get a little knowledge b4 interviewing the myth, the man, the legend, texas dolly...I'd bet a million phil ivey would never talk to that little punk...Aaron, I could do a better job....DANIEL CONCENTRATE ON THE TOURNIES MORE... its the WSOP and no final tables.... cmon bro
  12. regarding howard lederer being too tight... and weak...please, howard is the most feared player out there... because of his tight image... it strikes fear in his opponent when he put chips in the pot. As well, it also allows him to pick up a lot of small pots because other players tend to put him on very strong preflop handshe can "represent" a lot of hand simply because of his image... one of the worlds very best
  13. daniel has busted another player... down to 8 ... he has 1.5 million
  14. This guy is absolutely amazing... he is currently chip leader at tunica's WPT event... and is approaching his 3rd WPT final table. Both other FT he made on the WPT he has won... Borgata and Bellagio... Can u spell WPT player of the year...This guy is ridiculous, he has to be hands down the best tournament player in the world right now... truly amazing... Go daniel win another cool 1.4 million +AJ
  15. I think it was an online tourney? Location says atlantis bahammas... anyone with any info please post... Action Dan ur the man...http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_tournament...p?event_id=1711
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