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  1. What I personally do is the following:If I am still in a tournament or cash game, I try to sit at the table and smile or look disinterested that I just took a bad beat or lost a bad hand. If its a hand I played badly and I know it at the time, I just dont think on it. If it was a suckout I try and act like its no big deal. I have actually had people go on tilt because I didnt go on tilt or at least give off that illusion. After busting out of the event I think about the hand or hands. I honestly try and evaluate the sitaution. If it is a situation that I clearly missed something I try an
  2. Try a place out of tunica county. Last January I had to stay in Southaven. About 20 to 30 minute drive, but might be your only option. Try online via harrahs website. Sometimes you can find a deal, or double check the hotel sites to make sure.Good luck. Im actually leaving after my tournament tommorrow unless I make the final table...in which case im in trouble for a room.....James
  3. Atari,Im an idiot. I typed the wrong flop. I had Q's on the brain. Flop was QJA, not QQA. I WISH it was QQA but that was a snafu by me. I turned Q's full while the opponent turned A's full.
  4. I wish I could say that was my motivation, but it honestly wasnt.Btw, I went pretty deep in that Omaha event. I finished 55th in a field over 200. Only 27 paid however. Hands went cold later in the event and I was at a table where trying to steal was literally useless as one of 2 players were in almost every hand. If one guy wasnt in, the other was, and they were hitting with insane hands. Prime example. One of them had 10, 10, 3, 7 rainbow. Flop comes 2,3, J with 2 spades. The guy calls 2 bets and hits running 10's for quads. The hand I went out on QQ103 double suited in the big bl
  5. Daniel,The advice I asked for was indeed for a limit Holdem event that is on the 21st at the Borgata. I see how I might have confused ya. Later on after posting I was going to try the limit strategy today I realized that I goofed. Some of the tips still seem very applicable to my event tho and thats why I said that. Thanks for the Omaha tips tho. I definately can use them.
  6. Daniel,If you do write an article, mention me as your inspiration. :-) (James from Appomattox) Seriously tho, thanks for the advice. Im going to be playing a limit O8 event tommorrow and will try it out. I normally tend to play tight early as a rule, but I think Im going to try some of the other things as well. Will let you know how it goes.
  7. Now that the schedule is out, I have to start making plans. Thing is, in order for me to play all the events I want to play, I have to stay in vegas the whole dang time. Anyone have any suggestions? I can usually travel pretty cheap, but I have never stayed anywhere a month to play poker....yet. I would prefer NOT to stay somewhere where I have to grind out at cash tables every day for a decent rate. A cheap extended stay place or if anyone knows of a good short term apartment rental etc, that would be great. Right now about the best thing I have seen is staying at the knights in for 29
  8. The advanced section is great. If someone has not read any poker books or watched any decent videos, this will be a great video. For those of us that have, the advanced section is worth the price of the dvd. Didnt like it as well as Phil Gordon's video however. Im glad I didnt judge the dvd based on the video game. (The video game is just plain bad....at least in my opinion)
  9. Daniel or any other Limit player who wishes to chime in,In about 2 weeks Im going to play an event at the Borgata in AC. Its a Limit event with 5000 in starting chips, 40 minute rounds, starting at 25-25 blinds. Ive never played an event with starting chips over 3k in a LIMIT holdem event and even that one was short 30 minute rounds. How would you attack such a deep stacked event? Unless I am at a relatively weak or tight table I was thinking of actually being a little tighter than normal early on. My thinking is that with the deep stacks that people are going to be chasing a lot more ear
  10. Daniel,It was more than obvious with that schedule that some poker players talked some sense into these people. I actually counted the NL events 3 times to make sure I wasnt missing something. This year when the floor people start cursing my name when I start asking for all the mixed satellites I can go "Blame Canada!! I mean Daniel!!"Jimmy Summerfields wife is running the Satellites at the Grand this month. (Where I am playing at currently) She is supposed to work at the series, but once she hears about all the mixed games at the series, she will probably retire. :-)
  11. Ok. I saw the schedule for the WSOP. First off I must say that I like the wide array of events. If I play every event I want to play, I will have to put up over 50k to play. 1/2 Omaha 1/2 Stud Hi Low rocks. I am so glad your adding that. PL Omaha 8 or better is another great addition.1/2 Limit Holdem 1/2 NL Holdem......I honestly dont know what to think on that one yet. Id have to see a structure sheet.SHOE!!! That is going to be a great tourney. The Razz haters are probably pleased.2 stud Hi Lo events!!! By far my favorite game. 5 PM start times!!!!!! It is obvious that poker pla
  12. Flush Draw. The only satellites for events other than NL Holdem are single table SnG. The $175 satellites will allow you to win your way into a 1500 event if you do not chop. A $125 will give you an entry into a $1000 event. $225 into a 2000 event and it moves up.There is dead money galore at all levels. I personally think the 175's were more profitable overall because word got out on the 300+ satellites being easy money. Satellites for events other than NL are going to be only the day before.Also, there are $5000 satellites for the 50k horse event. My personal recommendation would be t
  13. Flush Draw,Thats exactly what I did last year. I was in the area actually 12 days but only played in 4 events. Satellited into 2 and bought in directly into 2. Cashed in 1 event. I stayed over at the Orleans. They had a poker event going on there and offered a room rate of 49 bucks. Much cheaper than the Rio if you have transportation. Jooka,They also said it was supposed to be out by the end of the year. The sooner that its out the better it will be for me as well. That way I know what type of bankroll I will need.
  14. JacKingOff_suit, thats my opinion too about Stud. They didnt even show one stud event from the WSOP. I think that David Williams winning his first bracelet would have been AWESOME for people to see. Stud isnt just for the older crowd. They could televise one of them if they wanted to. Heck, shorten or get rid of a couple of circuit episodes and you have it right there. Heck I would even take an episode that was broken up with 1/2 of it on a stud and 1/2 on another type such as O8. People complain that stud and Omaha are boring. Personally, Holdem get dull and boring after a while, no
  15. My personal opinion, and no offense to Daniel, is that there shouldnt be multiple bracelet events for "just champions" etc. 1 event like they do for the women and for the seniors might be ok however. Any more than that I think takes away from the series as a whole. The events are to find out who the best players in the world are, not to see who the best champion is. However, thats just my personal opinion. Champion events would probably be huge tv and crowd draws. A normal heads up tournament would be great however....but a madhouse in regards to actually holding it. 2000 heads up playe
  16. Excellent. It was disappointing that there were only 4 stud events last year and 3 were so close together. I might actually have a reason to stay longer than 2 weeks this time.Not a surprise on draw. I would one day like to see at least a PL 5 Draw started somewhere. Of course, I would probably be the only player below 50 playing, but hey, thats a typical stud tourney for me.
  17. Daniel,What about Stud games. Are there any additional stud tourneys or are they the same as last year. (I hope we get to have at least as many as last year)Also, are you going to play the Horse event at the Circuit in Tunica next month or are you just doing the Main event for Tunica? Lastly, is there any chance that there will ever be a 5 Draw Hi event ever again at the series? James
  18. Its been posted widely that the list of events for next years WSOH, I mean the WSOP, were supposed to be posted by the end of the year. Anyone know when they might be posted? Daniel, since your on the players committee, do you know when this might be.
  19. Calling here would likely have been the better play and then getting out on 4th. Heads up in a stud 8 or better is really a lot of times no more than just straight 7 stud and a lot of people will play it as such. If your going to play a hand with low possibilities, you need to play it pretty much the same as if you were in the other stages of the tourney as chasing is just going to cost you. The one exception is that if you start out with 3 low cards and then improve on high, you can proceed depending on the circumstances and opponent board as naturally 2 or 3 handed High hand values go up
  20. I was actually discussing Razz with Barbara Enwright this past week in a $125 Omaha 8 or Better tournament at the Bicycle Casino. She was to my right in seat 2. She told me that she very seldom ever sees the game spread and when I told her it was on FTP she recommended using it to get your feet wet and to gain experience. She normally plays on partypoker she told me but after I told her about the fact that FTP is doing entries into the smaller events she said she might give that whirl. Ive recently started playing razz myself. Have done ok. I play a lot of Stud 8 or better and Omaha 8 or
  21. You caught 3 bricks eh? Thats just brutal. Your right, the player that called a raise from the Q with split 9's was a bad player. Now, I have a question on this. If the same situation happens in a 8 or Better Tournament, do you make the same decision. I have seen a similar situation and the raise actually ended up causing the pot to get capped.
  22. First off Daniel, there is not enough info in regards to suits etc for me to make a total educated opinion, but just by what you gave us, my reasoning is as follows. First on third street Q raised, probably with at least Q's. I figure him right now to only have 2 low cards max at this point. 7 probably has 2 other low cards and there is an outside chance he might raise. The 9's are likely to hold either a set or 2 pair at current so unless the 7 10 or QA raises, you can save a little money on this street. Also your hand right now you only have a 3 flush and a weak low with an 8 low. The f
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