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  1. is cyril the guy with the scarf i watched this a week ago wow is he HORRIBLE station much ...
  2. i like his attitude he always comes across as a class act and fun guy.soccer>>>poker LETS GO PORTUGAL !
  3. just seen this today absolutley disgusting i feel sorry for the people especially family that had to see tam go into a convultion as anyone knows thats one of the freakiest things to see in real life and close up.the hockey industry really needs to go back to the soft elbow pads and shoulderpads imo these new ones are wayyyy to hard nowadays mix that with the speed and size of these kids and its only a matter of time before some one dies .
  4. watched it erlier after reading this was hilarious and awsome to see them needling him so hard he def haad an alterial motive becous i dont think its possible anyone can play that tight.edit //////////
  5. come on man some of your posts are like 4 pages long .. now you make this small one and cant even take the time to put links up ?? slacker yo ..
  6. mommas boy ! good luck all i think somebodys winning >20k in something whose it gonna be ?not me cuz i am a donater and not playing today
  7. expect all the regulars to be asking to see your hand from now on also.. just appologise next time you see him and her and say that you werent aware and that now you know you were out of line and all should be good .
  8. pretty sure i was being 51% sarcastic.. so has it sunk in yet ? going for the poy ? how many hookers so far ??? so many questions ,,,,
  9. so after taxes and staking fee how much is he walking away with come on tell us nosey's !!!
  10. herd gib say he had A4 for the bluff there and told ty after he folded
  11. can we get someone in the crowd to yell 1 time kimmmmmmmmmmmmmy ?
  13. get used to "can you spot me a few bucks bro?" congratsso can ya ?????
  14. i have noodz of her from our cyber sessions pm me for costs
  15. was/is your story done ??? come on finish it
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