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  1. ding ding ding we have a weiner! :icon_clap:David Grey: i was glad that gus won that potDavid Grey: it was an amazing handDavid Grey: no but gus is a good friend of mineDavid Grey: danieal could have saved that last 170k easilyDavid Grey: he could have bet the river and thought his hand was still best but when he got raised he had no chanceJohn DAgostino: what happened, he bet with 66 on a 6559 boardJohn DAgostino: and got raised?John DAgostino: id have to watch the handDavid Grey: wowJohn DAgostino: so it went bet bet and then gus checkraised the river?David Grey: big one tooMike Matusow: had
  2. bob once resued an old lady in a burning building then went back up to save her cat...... ok i will stop here.
  3. are u seriouse u would really put that out on the net .buisness side of it ? I dont no but i think u wanna get cought ... dummy up mang
  4. in vegas u do trust me every girl wants money for anything ...
  5. u forgot to say the strip clubs serve no alchol if theres nudity .... and when u call an escort theres a minimum charge even if u dont like what u see lol i know this becouse ... dont u worry bout that. oh and drinks are like 3 times more than they are here! good story bet u lost more than u said tho
  6. i think this is what id of done ...and then said im rick james ***** !
  7. what the.. .50 .50 at those limits your gnna spend a years winnings on poker chips ??? what happend to nickles and dimes .......
  8. ]are you guys seriouse its a bunch of 12 to 14 yr olds here .... and if raymer is as good of a lawyer as he is a poker player hes got no chance..
  9. extreamly profitable but u will get unlucky ALOT i know becouse tons of donks like me like to go steam off on those limits after a few bad beats here and there
  10. as u speak of high stakes poker just watched one of the sickest hands on season 2 daniel vs gus gus has 5 5 daniel N has 6 6 flop comes 9 5 6 turn comes 5 river 8 gus moves all in on river DN calls and loses a 650k + pot OUCH now DN looks like hes sick and on tilt rough.
  11. i see this all too often and it aalways ends up bad .. not to sound like a jerk but never co sign for any thing or any one lol ppl dont always intend to screw you but it isnt always garunteed they wont no matter how close shi t happens
  12. is this live actual time coverage????
  13. but its kinda like tripping over your feet in front of a really hot girl ..
  14. i guess so ... that graph said all that..
  15. i agree been looking for the same info cant find it ?
  16. i think some of the ppl here shld work for card player i get faster results here then i do there... :icon_clap:Mg fish who are your sources ? where can i get that info
  17. not lazy just computerly challenged lol as u can see 3 posts... so how many did u say >>?
  18. can any one tell me how many entries into the main event there was ? ty and come on DN final table .. and u kno this mannn.
  19. Wow BLUE i couldnt say it any better im glad it aint just me and my aces never hold up unless im short stacked and theres a side pot ...
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