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  1. speaking of that goal .. remember the stupid chip they used for the americans to see the puck ?? is there not some way to insert a chip in the puck to let them know when it crosses the line ? im sure we are advanced enough to figure that out ..serge your def right the leafs do out hussle and work most of there teams just lack finishing,also the 3 goals your reffering :i think: to were not "weak" goals 2 of them were off the post and in and the other he had no chance, he is there future and only chance they have to win until they get some goal scorers.my comment wasnt to drive you away sorry i
  2. not too mention the fact money was owed when he diapeard..so sad to hurt such nice person like nutzbuster karma also vb is a scary person..
  3. wow.. makes me very sad that i felt geniunely bad for this guy.. and went as far as to have it bug me that such a nice guy cld have something like this happen to him.. really fking awful thing to do man.first louismustdie over 150 now him over 1500,, not cool at all
  4. The way hes dusting it off in plo he will be in the red really really soon .. just lost another 596k pot ...
  5. lmao after grinding pa down to 50 bbs isildur1 has this too say Isildur1: ??Isildur1: would u like to change to cape tables ?Patrik Antonius: sureIsildur1: jokeIsildur1: omaha u reload put in 200 bb right awayIsildur1: here u playing 30-50 and not reloadingPatrik Antonius: i dont like deep nlIsildur1: no u just playing 1 million $ pots superdeepIsildur1: and make great herocallsIsildur1: i playing u deep in omaha so u could give some back Patrik Antonius: the truth isPatrik Antonius: that i suck in this gamecape = cap hilariouse imo
  6. ship the 25k way to close out luck box
  7. so lame gibler at ANOTHER final table .. must be nice
  8. congrats thats a solid cash and tuff tourny to get that far. keep it up
  9. congrats dont mind the abuse i thought it was thread worthy, will def give you something to look back on if you become succesful.gl now parlay that into a mirrion
  10. sweet card ironic my brother in law just bought a dale howerchuk jets throwback one of my favorite players.time to go and get my cards out of the basment storage and see what i have i know i got teemu selanee rookie autographed and my all time fav bob essensa also a few guy lafleur's got close to 10k cards all 1999 and erlier,
  11. 102-106 was awsome the sounds he makes are kinda soothing ..
  12. HAHAHArolled by a catholic
  13. cool, congrats on the acomplishment book sounds interesting also.
  14. great cash and run well deserved keep it up man. $$$
  15. lol relax francis i was talking outta my asss !!!
  16. id assume it would be for a nice sum since its a must win, ill guess 250k and if someone is freerolling into hu there will be a 75k buy out
  17. congratz always enjoy your input and jokes .when i die im donating my brain to science in your honor
  18. lol why did i decide to play tonight ?? KK<QQ for 24k pot in 11 1r1a then AK<QQ in 109t .. lets see how i donk the last 2 trnys and if i join the nigtly 55eralso got the xfer nc thnx gain
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