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  1. pretty sure he didnt attempt to avoid him..
  2. ballard lowerd his shoulder into the goalie trying to knock a loose puck in he could of totaly avoided the collision imo but decided t go to the net hard, foote sending the message to future players and i like it .or vokoun is a friend and paid him :/
  3. no no wasnt makin fun it was a good idea might grab one as a stocking stuffer thnx
  4. one time santa pls ill never tell a soul your fake !
  5. lolzdecided to get them some american currency for my dads dart tourny in vegas next june i think it is. they can decide how to lose it there :)whats a good gag gift to throw em off ?this might go a little better with you people.
  6. probly the best suggestion besides the foreman grill lol. ladygray are you always so sour ??? i mean holy sht relax a little ..lol
  7. i was kinda thinking of sending them on a vacation but not sure where obv some place warm and tropical any recomendations or better ideas id give an estimated price range that im willing to dish out around 1500 and under . time is running out
  8. have no idea what to get my parents for christmas .. pls help with some ideas all.
  9. the blind side.one of the only movies sandra bullock diddnt make me want to kick her face in, great movie all around little long but doesnt make you exactly wish it was over.funny/sad/happy feelings thru out would recomend to watch at least on dvd 4.5/5
  10. guy is a dirty checker no question about it. too bad becouse he is dam fun to watch
  11. so whose the girl i just added on yahoo ?? i asked for noodz cmopn dealer 1 time !!
  12. lol relax mr sensitive keep posting and get thicker skin it gets better.
  13. cmon he said he was poor at wording posts guys give him a break .. welcome and gl looks like you got jspencerd by the big stack happens ul
  14. HE COULD HAVE FOLDED !!!!!so awsome congrats
  15. boy does my aim suck .. i seem to do better on small tvs but big tvs i cant kill to save my life .. is this normal ????
  16. this thread is all over the place <3 rose my heart goes out to her
  17. joke acount ? if so i like gg
  18. sigh so disapointed over the reviews of this.. probly wont even go see it now movie has so much potential how the fk you going to make it pg-13 tho ?? come fukcing on !! i really really wish this lived up to the hype but doesnt sound like it .
  19. Just seen the 4th kind 2 days ago after 2012 was sold out and well.. it will definetly make you think and wonder if this kind of thing really happens, was a lil creepy and at times jumpy id give it a 3/5 "also 2 days later and im still thinking bout this sht lol"
  20. the sakic/roy and sittler/mcDonald ones are pretty awsome, so these new cards actually have the patch from there jersey imbedded in the card ?? iv never seen these before but thats a pretty awsome idea if so. must def add to the value im assuming ?
  21. omg im so using this next time i get 3 outted
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