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  1. they shld do it saturday why annoy or interfere with trnys that are playing for life changing money and all the regs who play 15+ hi buy in trnys
  2. humm. steak thread and no takers .. yup this forum is officially pronounced dead. ggedit: shlda gave it another 10 seconds "doh"
  3. wat do you mean "wow" ?? that guys pretty damn good looking, i always found the belly hanging out of t shirt a turn on
  4. qft man and lol at how helmuth takes it so offensive. durr sems humble tho viffer jus likes to rub helmuth also funny
  5. awsome also mylie cyrus is da bomb dont hate nikka !
  6. thnx for trying to liven up the forums,would you ever consider paying tom for any of his nl knowledge ?
  7. qft cant read anythng without getting confused and no not sexualy confused by all the black cawk pics ppl.
  8. this x 1000000000000000000000im sure it gets old for him and can be tiresome and he doesnt have any obligation what so ever to do it.. he should be happy some little kid looks up tp him a "no body turned famous super star" and be thrilled to sign it . i also despise he collectors seeking gain thru him but hes so rich i dont think he shld really care if other ppl are trying to make a few ends off his name.. i mean whats 1 auto per person if it fetches em 1/2k one person i will always look up to is teemu selane he would sign autos for hours after games and take pictures and made it an effort to
  9. you run too good at life ray pls get a pimple on your nose before your next picture pls ...lol can you post a pic of the boxes your buying i seen some at a local store and just wanted to see if there carrying the ones your buying
  10. are you telling me he denied your son an autograph ?? i have lost all respect for that pos as of now unreal .. unfking real , also missed the game are there sites you can watch games that played erlier ?
  11. patrick probly did the typical patrick thing to do and make excuses that benefit him .. seems like the norm for him
  12. get her some massage oil and edible undies then eat em off her and ask for a massage
  13. well they held there own and almost took the lead when kessel hit the pipes the score doesnt show how close it really was but the fatigue def set in late for the leafs due to the schedule. toskala been looking great also but long way to go doubt they make it well see
  14. you win the internets every time you post you not so much, sick bastard !!!!!
  15. who are these guys ??? looks like a completely new team as of late .. 2-0 1st int vs islanders and looking good , run for the cup ??
  16. congratz and all that jazz first lady feature member ???
  17. not too mention ivey calling patrick a whiner and shouting at him what patrick what would you like now you only beat me out of 650k or something along those lines
  18. phew glad i didnt set anygoals couse im sure i wouldnt of made anyof them lol.. i hate you succesful ppl DIE !
  19. im enjoying this i can honestly watch this group evry day for the rest of my life and probly not get bored .. that saying something about patrick really bugs me .. i mean it seems he is always lookin for a massive edge in every thing he does on a really nitty way. "obv makes him smart" but to me its annoying i mean im willing to give up an edge here n there and so are most gamblers but him he doesnt ever seem to. and just seems really anal about it all. i can go on but ill stop also looks like helmuth traps gussy on the next show he seems to have gusses number anytime they play
  20. happy b-day man 45 years young heres to another 45 good ones always enjoyed your posts and humor
  21. awsome job so far bring it home you put alot of work in deservs to pay off huge
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