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  1. Daniel has a new interview on pokerupdates.com. This one is really good in my opinion.Thanks,Chris
  2. Daniel has a new interview on pokerupdates.com. This one is really good in my opinion.Thanks,Chris
  3. I think this one applies to much in life; nice one.
  4. Getting very close to re-releasing the articles on the new site. RSS will be shelved (to be added later) and replaced with a "my favorite articles" system which will come after the release. Did that make any sense? :wink:
  5. :realplayer: http://www.cardplayer.com/larry_grossman/r...41222-150606.rmTo get right to the Mike Sexton piece forward to 44:30.
  6. Actually, it wasn't started in the off topic area so that's why I moved it and the first post's question was so vague - silly.
  7. I'm speaking from the rail on this thread when I say... Kittens, Bunnies, Chocolate Milk, Spice and Everything Nice.There, that should bring some balance to this thread. Welcome to the forum Josh and Harry.
  8. Ya bulldog, I had thought I put in his name on the post starting this thread to give credit that I was updating from his site; however, I had only put in a link to it.Thanks again Matt; appreciate the udpates.
  9. Glad to see you got online now.Take care ,Chris
  10. I think I've had at least 7 or 8 on UB - only made about $600 from their high hand jackpots off of them though.
  11. Thought I would chime in on Daniel's behalf and give you two answers actually - uncertain - I have heard both March and April so, we are a little ways off from seeing the event.Can't wait myself.
  12. Welcome to the forum; I too, am from Dallas - born and raised (reared?) :wink: There are several ways to contact me...1. On the poker forum's index page, http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forum/index.php, scroll towards the bottom and click on "Suggestions & Updates" and post a message there2. Send me a personal message on the forum3. Email me directly; admin@fullcontactpoker.com4. Click on the "Contact" link near the top left of each page through the site; once there click the "Website Questions" link and the contact form will send your message to me.Hope this helps,Chris
  13. oldadmin

    Anyone have AIM?

    All you have to do is look at posts, if members decided to put their AIM name in the AIM icon will appear.
  14. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...topic.php?t=778
  15. As you are all aware the starting chip counts are as follows for the final 6 with Daniel's chip count at 61% of all chips in play.Daniel Negreanu - Finishes 1st6,865,000 Chips / Seat 2Vinny Landrum - Finishes 3rd1,140,000 Chips / Seat 3Nam Le - Finishes 6th970,000 Chips / Seat 5Steve Rassi - Finishes 5th950,000 Chips / Seat 1Jennifer Harman Traniello - Finishes 4th875,000 / Seat 6Humberto Brenes - Finishes 2nd510,000 Chips / Seat 4--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Updates from Daniel------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Thank you for posting this in the appropriate category
  17. This is one of those reasons why I should be living in Vegas.
  18. It's down to the final 6 now as Daniel's pocket 10's take out Habib's AQLatest chip count......Daniel Negreanu- $6.865 milLandrom- $1.14 milNam Le- $940kRassi- $950kJennifer Harman- $875kUmberto- $510k
  19. Latest chip count...Negreanu - $6milLandrom (spell?) - $1.1milRassi - $900kHabib - $450kUmberto - $600kNam Le - $1.1milHarman - $900k
  20. Daniel's now at over $6mil in chips, is raising almost every hand and no one will play with him
  21. Daniel has 5.3 mil, about half of all chips in playJennifer just doubled up to 800k with pocket 5's against Umberto's pocket 6's - flopped a 5 for trips
  22. Quick phone call from Daniel.... he just knocked Chan out.... both had A9 - that's all I got ;)more soon
  23. Chan takes out Gregorian with AK vs 88Gregorian takes 9th
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