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  1. i personally watched a pretty good stand up act from someone we all know well around here, cough cough, maybe he'll be willing to let me encode the VHS tape to mpg and put it on the sitePssst, Daniel..... you listening?
  2. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...ic.php?p=109210please leave feedback in the thread linked above (suggestions & updates area) or pm jayson or myself.thanks everyone,chris
  3. Make sure to write down everything Stu Unger says. If he says anything, I would be amazed.LMAO
  4. Ya, I just put those up earlier (obviously :wink: ) and unfortunately those 5 were the only ones I had from the last backup I did of the forum.
  5. Tournament Accomplishments:6th on All-Time Money Leader on the WPT $2,161846Only player with three WPT Titles Six total cashes on the WPT24th on All-Time Money ListOnly One cash at the WSOPWon the Bad Boys of PokerWon the Superstars InvitationalTotal tournament earnings: $3,294,588Cash Game Accomplishments: If you've ever seen Gus on television you'd know one thing for sure: Gus has a lot of gamble in him. Gus will regularly play in the biggest cash games in the world as high as $4000-$8000 mixed with the world's best players.Best game: No Limit Hold'em. Gus also has a great imagination fo
  6. Tournament Accomplishments: Seven WSOP Cashes (in limited play)Three WSOP Final Tables in 2004Was on four different networks in the same day at four different final tablesThree WPT Final Tables One WPT Win at the Bellagio Five Diamond Classic in 200315th on WPT All-Time Money List47th on All-Time Money ListTotal Tournament Earnings: $2,225,860Cash Game Accomplishments: Doesn't spend much time in the cash games but when he does he is usually one of the best players at the table whether his peers think so or not. He doesn't play cash games for the money, which can often lead to having too much
  7. Tournament Accomplishments:Tied WSOP Record winning three gold bracelets in one yearFive Gold Bracelets Total in Four Different Events:2000 $2500 WSOP Pot Limit Omaha Champion2002 $1500 WSOP 7 Card Stud Champion2002 $2500 WSOP Stud H/L Champion2002 $2000 WSOP S.H.O.E. Champion2005 $5000 WSOP Pot Limit Omaha ChampionWon $500,000 at First Ever Live televised event in the USA20th on WPT Money List: $1,152,896Six WPT Final Tables11th on All-time Money List19 Cashes at the WSOPWSOP Earnings: $1,468,293Total Tournament Earnings: $4,392,669Cash Game Accomplishments: There isn't a high limit player in
  8. Tournament Accomplishents: 7th All-Time WPT Money Leader $1,894,860WPT Player of the Year (Season Two)Three WPT Final Tables (Season Two)Two WPT Wins Eight cashes on the WPTWPT Champion Aruba Classic (Season Two)PartyPoker Million (Season Two)Won a PPT event in Los Angeles29th on All-time money list Five WSOP CashesWSOP Earnings$92,670Total Tournament Earnings: $1,791,302 (compiled by pokerpages.com)Cash Game Accomplishments: The public often misjudges Erick as an online pro turned tournament player. Before internet poker even existed, Erick was a low limit prop in Northen California. Once i
  9. Tournament Accomplishents:All-Time Money Leader on the WPT (Female) $425, 768Made the Final Table in the first ever PPT eventOnly woman in the world with two WSOP Bracelets (In open events)Nine cashes on the WPT (tied for all-time lead)17 cashes at the WSOPWSOP Earnings $516,828$5000 2002WSOP Limit Hold'em Champion $5000 2000 WSOP 2-7 No Limit Champion 2000Total tournament earnings: $1,428,254 (compiled by pokerpages.com)Cash Game Accomplishments:Jennifer did it the old fashioned way, through hard work climbing through the ranks. In her early twenties she fought through the 10-20 limit hold'e
  10. What I love is when they call a pocket pair a 'real pair.' "Ohhhhh, look at this! Paul Phillips has a real pair, pocket sevens!" As opposed to what? A fake pair? The 72 off-suited... a rea-- no, wait a minute... that's not a pair at all!And really, do we have to be told to "look at this" every time someone has aces or kings? Does the holecard cam over the entire screen showing them lifting up the aces somehow not prompt the viewer to see that the player has aces?LMAO
  11. I'm not sure about anyone else here but is this guy saying he is or is not above the maturity of someone in the 6th grade?None the less; you're now free to hob nob with the 7th+ graders. Take care.
  12. Russ Hamilton Come on, fun bags? Have some class.
  13. definitely spam, otherwise, why not post it in online poker instead of general --- just wanted to have it show on the home page for your "SEO" eh
  14. since i have a "lack of knowledge" i can't explain why but something about this hand bothers the hell out of me -- i want to call this one so badly it would bug me if i didn't -- just to see what happens (i suppose) -- but being as i'm one of those newbies sure, i'd default to the notion of 8 high not being all that great -- suited, connecting though but aside from the cards, there's something about this hand that makes me really want to call. i'll watch this thread and see how everyone's thoughts turn out on it - especially since the poll is nearly dead even. in my opinion (whatever that's
  15. how off topic can we get guys and gals?
  16. I'm moving there next week; the resources I tried were:www.forrent.comwww.roommates.comFound some really cool roommates and will be living about 20-25 minutes from the strip in a house and going between Vegas and Vancouver. If you have your own cars then spread out a little bit, if not, ya, closer the better always.I wish you the best of luck with it; regardless of where, opt for a gated community - though I'm told that matters very little there - peace of mind I guess.Anyway, best of luck with it.
  17. I already have another solution I'll be putting in place shortly.
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