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  1. updatewe're disabling the forum in a few minutes for conversion to the new system and will be down for the majority of today, tuesday, the 21st.thanks,chris and govhey everyone,gov and i - including mods - will be testing out the new forum over the nexttt 3-4 days.we have a tentative release scheduled for monday night. there are many new features available in the upcoming forum that we (everyone) has wanted for a long time so, we're happy to announce the upcoming release.thanks,chris

  2. .NET : free play.com : for profit....thus only advertise .net because gambling web sites are illegal in the USA...but it's ok if you have land and are an indian here in Florida. Kind of like you can't advertise cigs on tv but you can pay an actor to smoke one..sort of.
    the legality has been / is /will be in a "...so is it legal or not......" state for a while. basically, advertising .net or free play is fine because it goes along with the general consensus that it isn't legal (not to be confused with it is illegal)..... no money being made so, ok, fine, go ahead with the advertisement.advertising .com or for profit play would be like the government saying, sure, it is legal (not to be confused it isn't illegal)...... go ahead and advertise your for profit poker site.it's about respecting "gray area" boundaries
  3. lol and of course play money, lmao, i'm a poor web geek
    ok so... i ventured into the realm of the real playing on poker stars, it's only 1 penny/2 penny but here are my stats:During current Omaha H/L session you were dealt 375 hands and saw flop: - 50 out of 51 times while in big blind (98%) - 47 out of 49 times while in small blind (95%) - 266 out of 275 times in other positions (96%) - a total of 363 out of 375 (96%) Pots won at showdown - 74 of 98 (75%) Pots won without showdown - 21so far my $25 buy-in has almost doubled but i think it's decent percentage wise and i just hit a nice hand on someone i'd played with for around 100 of those hands and busted him, had second nut low and quads so my $5 table buy-in is now at $25 and some change. i don't bully players and i set ego aside (pretty sure).any thoughts from anyone on this? not the one nice hand, those come and go, stats-wise.
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