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  1. Clothes, sneakers, fine watches, and hookers. Hookers will pull every hundred dollar bills you have in your wallet out, believe me
  2. just wanted to point out how some people in the world view poker as. We obviously love poker, but some people just don't understand it. they musta lost a lot of money. haha
  3. I defended you though, cuz u are the man. As you know Joe Rogan is a play by play man for Ultimate Fighting Championship. Sherdog is an UFC Forum and has a following.Sherdog link
  4. i wanted a platinum/ss yachtmaster since i laid eyes on it. the daytona is nice too, but after the yachtmaster. =). I also want the LV sub, the green bezel is sweet. soo many watches, so little money. hah
  5. uh oh, we have some watch junkies in here. I love watches. My small collection so far, GMT master II red/black bezel, Submariner no-date, Omegas speedmaster pro, and soon to come.... rolex SS/platinum yachtmaster. I'm a 23 year old student, jobless and yes, i bought everything with poker money. I love poker
  6. this is the best i can do sir. i screen printed this.
  7. what watch is sammy farha wearing on poker after dark? that watch was blinging and looking real nice. stupid question but if anyone knows please let me know.
  8. i'm in. just finished the warmup iono if i can take much more of this and i haven't slept all night
  9. just got knocked out 174th place. i had good chips, i was on big blind, small blind raised it 3X BB. i went all in with KQ suited thinking he can't possibly call with small pair or weak ace, he showed AQ. ahhh, i built my chips up by playing fast and i lost by playing fast, i'm sure i could've cashed if i had just sit tight.
  10. i'm still in with 260 people left. i'm sitting on a stack of 26,000 i need a double up.
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