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  1. So, you think check on turn, and raise on river would have gotten me more chips? with the way the hand was played out though, i still think smooth call on river was best. but looking back, check on turn, and re-raise on river would have gotten me more.
  2. yea, turn card did make me think, but the way he checked.. just didnt feel right. plus this guy was crazy, two hands prior to this he called an all in with Q-3 against pocket aces (flop came 5-3-3). just to give you an example. the more i think about it, smooth call on river was best bet.. only way i would have gotten called with a raise on river was if i was beat. also, i had him in chips as well, i think i was sitting at about 500-600 while he was at about 300. I was playing at the hilton, max there is 300. That is another thing that was funny, my river bet was going to be about 60-70 if h
  3. Played a hand in AC last week, not sure if i did it right or got the most money out if it as i could. let me know what you think. 1/2 game on the button, fold to me and i have 8c9c. i raise to 8 and big blind calls.FlopQc 2d 7cBB checks, I bet 15 BB callsTurn10dBB checks, i bet 40, BB callsRiverJc, giving me the flushAll of a sudden BB perks up and throws out 60 bucks, I think for a minute, was he chasing higher flush? i just smooth called, flipped over flush. he looks at board funny and mucks. cant put him on a hand, he was calling everything. Whould a re-raise at river been better on my part
  4. yea, i think i remember that, about a group of 4 standing behind brad (funny, i knew his face but could not remember name to save my life)? We would have been to the right of them watching the table. we moved to the left of that groupd for a little bit to watch some.Like I said, he (my friend Doug) is hard to miss. 6'4 400 pounds gray hair and was wearing a black t-shirt. I was in blue jean shorts, white T-shirt and wearing red WPT hat. Anyways, wish we could have met and at least have said hi.
  5. i think his MAJOR hand that i saw, that really helped his chip stack was his pocket tens against the AK suited. he got a set on flop, guy got the ace, turn gave him another diamond for four to flush and river was rag.. i think that was a 800k pot. this was the hand were the lady with the arm sleeve tattos raised first if you were watching it.
  6. I was watching that table as well, with darden, liebert, etc.. i was standing next the the big guy wearing a black shirt (he is 6'4 400 pounds, i was wearing the red WPT hat). we probably stood next to each other. i didnt watch that table to long though, i went to the back of the room so i could chit chat with the borgata babes in the shorty shorts who were carrying the level signs.
  7. Like I said, i sat and talked to Mark for a little bit, he is someone to watch. He will make you bet thinking you have the best hand, and then all of a sudden he is slamming chips into the pot out of nowhere.
  8. I was up there watching it as well, i would watch out for the young guy, mark newhouse, he seems like he was able to pick aggressive spots very very well. Jennifer Tilly seemed a little bored and out of it yesterday, even though she had a huge chip stack.
  9. Wow, small world... I am originally from Dearborn Heights, MI
  10. had a feeling i was going to get some smart responses. I have never been to a big tourney like this before.. can i just walk into the room and look around? do i have to buy a ticket to watch? thats all i was asking folks.
  11. Have a question for DN.. I am to be in AC this weekend, and was planning on going to Borgata to watch some WPT action. First question, will I be able to just walk in and watch the tourney? Second, what is the best way to say hi? Thanks in advance, hope to see you there. Good luck in advance as wellAllen
  12. My two cents...You sound similar to my major issue.. lack of patience. You might have to ask yourself if you are playing to learn, make a living OR palying to learn and as a hobby. Go back to the beginning i say, start at .25/.50 cash games and play those for about 800 hours, keep a GOOD log on how you do. I would break it down to what you are making per hour and see how it goes. BTW, is there some sort of guideline as to what you are supposed to make per hour? 20 times the BB of whatever game you are sitting at per hour? anyone know?Anyways, my advice is to go back to the basics at the .25/.5
  13. Do you have a rough idea what first pays? Or how many places they do pay? I know it is based on # of entries, but if you have a rough idea it would be appreciated. I think that is why i am looking forward to this tourney. Here in VA, poker is banned at public places when played for money. But, we have a free roll league here that plays at different bars so that is what i have to play here for tourney's. Anyways, for my league, start with $1500.00 in chips 15 minute blinds and use pretty much the basic blind structure, but with no antes ever. So, my way of thinking (and god i hope i am right!!
  14. Leaving tomorrow for AC with the wife. Plan on planning in some of the tourneys there, i am looking forward to the midnight tourney at the Taj ($38+12). Anyone else here that can give me some info on good tourneys and where the good rooms are at for low limit NLHE it would be appreciated. Also, anyone here play in the Friday night $500 buy in at Borgata.. how is that tourney?Thanks, wish me luck!!
  15. you know, i had a feeling that this guy was a lawyer. Why you ask? think about it, someone made a mistake and it cost him.. so it HAS TO BE SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT.Kind of like when you smoke a pack a day for 30 years and die of lung cancer.. a lawyer would say it was Malboro's fault and sue them. In this case, someone made a mistake and it cost him, but it is DN fault and he must pay. Second, unless i am mistaken, when the cards are flipped/mucked, chips racked, and a new hand is dealt.... previous hand is OVER. The fact that DN called a floor person over says a lot about him if you ask me. You
  16. I think it was on here a little bit ago, someone posted something about the state of washington saying that online gambling was a felony. Well, here is another news story about it... time to get your pen and paper or emails out and let the politicians that work for us know, that we are old and mature enough to deceide what to do with our own money. Also, might want to let Ebay know what you think of them as well.http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,198610,00.html
  17. Depends to me, if i am after the other betters AQ off suit, smooth call. if i am after the other betters , AQ suited would get a 3-4 times raise.Anyone after me, smooth call.
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