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  1. This one is actually a huge step up from the other hacks...up until this one they all seemed to be instacashes onto sites. This meant they only needed your account number and secure ID. To get into the account though they would need you password or otherwise backdoor it altoghether. As far as a keylogger, if Neteller is the last account you used prior to this happening then this is a possiblity...if not then all accounts should have been drained/exploited.
  2. student/real estate speculator...was a warehouse manager up until a month ago but they didn't want to let me go to a funeral so I sold some property and quit going
  3. I assume they have a script that requests every tournament number's results
  4. http://dl.torrentreactor.net/download.php?...;name=Entourage - Entourage Season2 Complete [iPodNova net]http://dl.torrentreactor.net/download.php?...;name=Entourage - Entourage Season 1 [iPodNova net]
  5. i don't mind if people are on webcams...I won't be though since it would be stupid to give people extra information...I'll take all the extra info others offer though
  6. if I read it correctly it's not a free bet as you have to put up your own money and the refund must be rolled over 2.5 or 3 times before you can cash it out or use it for poker
  7. why would you count it?...the guy in the cage had to lay it out nicely for the cameras so you should already know how much is there
  8. well that's no good...i wanted to play 1/2k triple draw
  9. tell the woman to cook me something...wait, I ASK her to, but she knows better than to say no
  10. I'd say there are 10 or more casinos...that said I don't know how many have cardrooms etc...any room should have almost exclusively NL...avoid games with too many locals since they are likely colluding.
  11. you might need to hop through a bunch of FAA hoops too then...then again a business lawyer would know best
  12. they got rid of my guaranteed win...the 11+R, all they have now is turbosI was 3 for 3 in a day and a half until they got rid of them.
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