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  1. its called collusion, and you still would have got 5th because u had more chips at the start of the hand.
  2. if the guy who went all in over the top takes the hand and the two of you both get busted wouldnt you still get paid?Unless you had less then the other guys 8k at the start of the hand, which does not work.I am tired but am i reading it wrong?
  3. I see your point too.Honestly if it was me with the Jack. i would fold. Its not the size of the raise compared to my stack, its the fact if i dont hit my jack i will have to fold on the flop, so im now chasing the handful of times i make a jack on the flop. So i dont see it as a good move.What i meant is that maybe i should not have discounted the possibility of that hand.i really need to think more about NL play and NL shorthanded play before i know what the right choice for me is in this situation. Hey, on the brightside atleast i got paid.The other thing that through me off was if you got r
  4. yeh, i think you are right.This is just a result of me not playing tournys so really having little idea of how to play NL shorthanded. I think i was making my decisions on what i believed would be the correct choices for a fuller game.sorry i did not give stack sizes, i simply cannot remeber, it was the weekend before last.
  5. Intro:Hey guys I just have some questions about my play in a NL hold’em tournament. The main reason I am posting this is that I don’t play NL hold’em very much at all (or very well), and have not played and tourney in a very long time. Because of my lack of experience I thought coming in here to ask about my play might teach me a few things.The situation is this:I got invited to play in the tournament through a guy I met at work. Is $50 buy in and there was about 30 guys. It took place on a Sunday and we had from sort of 2pm till an estimated 10pm to finish (our guess based off the blind struc
  6. i did not read the post besides the final lines.whats you name.... just incase i run into you at a table. :Pdont fold there.
  7. i think i addressed that 2.yeh baby 94 posts!
  8. i think i mentioned that in my 1st post.Good job with the reading though.
  9. since i joined in april, i prolly could have if i wanted. I only post alot when im on uni break.
  10. One thing that we can see from Joseph Hachem over this world series is that he seems to always be able to get all his money in with the best hand.I think i have read 5 of his all in knock outs and everyone of them he was a big fav, eg. Pair V Lower Pair or something like AK Vs KQ. Even in the main event he had aces cracked to get busted. The worst all in this WSOP i have read was one coin flip.I think it shows he is the real deal and has alot of skill in determining when to go all in and how to judge the other players hand. I know its an easy decision with aces but not many of his other hands
  11. i have seen this problem many times before, i got it right away but it helps when a math student shows you
  12. 1. One of my friends was playing on the table behind me and he did something that involved check-raise or something with like a set of 3's which beat the other guys 2's. Cant remember the hand specifics but the guys responce of "Thats it, im going to kill you and your dog! and im going to eat your dog too" in broken english made me laugh so hard i cried.2. I got tossed out of the casino for being 16.... after i was already drunk and a guard decided i looked a little young. All that happened was that i got walked out by 5 dudes. No fines.3. My mate and just killed a NL game and then decided to
  13. ahahah.Nice post, it comes across as "yeh that sucks, but are the players soft?"it reminds me of the poker joke:Player 1: "Why did you change tables?"Player 2: "Some big fat smelly guy sat down next to me, it was disgusting, so as soon as my BB came around i was out of there!"Player 1: "Fair enough"
  14. yep, this is the funniest thread i have read in a long time.(i am assuming that no1 is actually racist)
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