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  1. Greenstein brings up an interesting point. How many of us would be playing live events AT ALL, if not for online poker? How many players would be in the WSOP ME if online poker never existed? Probably a few hundred. The same is likely true of all poker events.Wouldn't it be neat if Poker Stars (or some other company in the future) started having tons and tons of online qualifiers for local casino poker events? Those casinos would simply register their tournaments and when you logged into PS, you could enter satellites to win tickets to the local (registered) tourney of your choice. In ot
  2. Itemizing versus taking the standard deduction? EDIT:Ok, I'll try to explain further...If you normally take the "standard deduction", because you do not have enough itemized deductions to overcome the threshold, and then you "win" $5,000 while also "losing" $10,000, you can claim that $5,000 under your itemized deductions.So... Let's say you were $800 short of meeting the threshold, so you normally take the standard deduction. But this year, you "won" $5,000 playing poker online. Ok, so you want to offset your "winnings" by deducting your losses (up to $5,000). Now you're way up above the
  3. That's why I consider myself a Libertarian. Do whatever you want, as long as you're not bothering me and mine.Anyway, I agree with the point regarding FoF forcing their ideals on others (at least that's the end-result here). I guess what I was sympathizing with is the fact that they feel they are doing what is right.
  4. Just for the record, my examples weren't entirely serious.Yes, losing players that win any money at any time would be taxed by their state (depending on the state), so if you lost $10,000 and won $5,000, you'd be taxed on that $5,000. Yes, that's an easy fix, perhaps, but it's something that probably needs to be fixed in 30-some states (just a guess). Additionally, on your federal taxes, you could still end up paying more taxes, even as a losing player, depending on how much money you gambled, and whether or not you itemize or take the standard deduction.I hope the US does this right, but fr
  5. No, I don't know a lot about taxes (I'm not a tax professional), but I'm 41 years old, and I've been filing my own taxes for many years. I was wrong about the AMT being the culprit that caused a person to lose more in taxes than they actually profited. I don't know exactly what causes it, but that doesn't mean that something isn't causing it.One situation I used, where I made a $2,000 profit with a 2% ROI meant that I lost my entire $2,000 to the federal government and ended up owing my state a few thousand more (around $5K, iirc). My tax adjusted "net profit" became about negative $5,000.P
  6. Where did you get this information on taxes? And see my post from last week regarding taxing winnings. That should scare the crap out of any poker player. PLEASE DO NOT TAX WINNINGS!!! Tax my net profit only, if you must tax me at all. That's probably what you meant, but it's a HUGE distinction.I already long for the days before the UIGEA. I used to play at Party and it was a blast. The industry was doing great and law enforcement was turning a blind eye to something that may or may not have been illegal, but certainly wasn't really hurting anyone. At that time, all it would have taken
  7. Hope that helps.And while I'm at it, I don't have anything useful left to provide this conversation, and neither does anyone else.
  8. Growing up in a very religious family, I have a lot of sympathy for FoF. Yes, I realize that I'm probably the only one here that does, and I'm not saying that they are right (about anything), but they do have the right to voice their opinion on this and any other matter.Is gambling a sin? That's the real question here, and yeah, it certainly can be a problem, even for winning players. I know that a couple years ago, all I wanted to do was play poker online. I was literally addicted. I would get home from work, then play until I had to go to bed. Actually, I'd play until AFTER I had to go
  9. Well, in Ms. Dukes defense (ugh), she was actually replying to a Pokerstars support email, not trying to go over DN's head. But then, her open letter went beyond its original scope. So then PS clarified their actual position.So was DN running-bad on that particular day? I mean, poker players are generally really nice and personable when they are running well, but if you catch them on a bad day...
  10. I'm laughing at both of you guys. HTH.
  11. Honestly, I do have a huge fear that the government will completely screw up whatever poker legislation they may pass in the future. I can see certain ridiculous amendments appearing such as:"Well, we should limit tournament buy-in's to $50 and under, because someone could lose their life-savings in a matter of minutes.""We need to protect the existing rights of the tribal casinos, so those players that live within X miles of a tribal casino should be blocked from playing online while a poker event is scheduled at a local casino." (Like is the case with professional sports broadcasts)Then, of
  12. Waaaaay back a long time ago, like probably last year, I was in a situation like that.I'm on BB with KQ, UTG limped. No one else in pot.Flop K55I bet, he callsTurn QI bet, he callsRiver is a blankI make a big betHe tanks for a bit, then callsHe shows AAHAHAHAHA! I've got KQ! I wi... Oh, I suck.
  13. mass debating is fun.EDIT: (Say it out loud)
  14. QFTI might say things about someone that I would not say to their face. Geez. That's what he truly thinks about her. Maybe he should or shouldn't. The only thing "wrong" here is that someone printed something he said off the record. It's not as if he walked up to a microphone and said, "Can I have your attention please. Annie Duke is a ..." It's more akin to overhearing someone talking about you.
  15. At the levels I play ($16 and $6.50), I've found that a 2.5X raise UTG can be very intimidating when the blinds get around 150-200. I don't mind raising it up with AJ and even AT UTG if I'm not pot-committing myself, and depending on the number of players remaining at the table (6 or less, hopefully). Simply fold to a big shove. Flat calls are normally in the SB or BB, so you'll still have position after the flop. In my experience, more often than not, everyone folds.
  16. C'mon, people. He didn't have to cheat. Online poker is rigged broccoli.
  17. So... My daughter has a tumbling class. One day, she's in class, and I'm watching the kids do their routines, and the instructor announces with a wry smile, "Uh oh... Someone used the C-word." Suddenly, I'm fully alert and I'm thinking, "OMG! Seriously?""Stephanie said 'can't!'"
  18. Yep, or perhaps he quite literally said "F**king c**t". "Yes, that's Eff-Star-Star-Kay..."I like doing that in PS chat sometimes... get a bad beat and simply type in something like "**** ******!!!"
  19. I don't think that calling her a "dick" would have made as much sense, yet I hear women apply that word to men every day. Okay, so it's one of those things that only goes one way...sighHonestly, they both need to get over each other.
  20. Out.Didn't realize my numlock was off, and mis-click raised to 2XBB (200) with QQ. Tanked, then made a bad call on flop, and lost when he flopped the nuts, and another player flopped a set. Down to ~500. AIPF next hand 33 < JJ.
  21. 3546 at break. :-)Seat 1: kichito32 (1306 in chips) Seat 2: Lotus014 (550 in chips) Seat 3: Walter Rosa (3780 in chips) Seat 4: i'mstoneface (3550 in chips) Seat 5: TCB07 (1540 in chips) Seat 6: BosinateR (2000 in chips) Seat 7: UncleHoot (1780 in chips) Seat 8: Canhambone (2580 in chips) Seat 9: BackHouseBar (1960 in chips) BackHouseBar: posts small blind 20kichito32: posts big blind 40*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to UncleHoot [Ad Qh]Lotus014: folds Walter Rosa: calls 40i'mstoneface: calls 40TCB07: folds BosinateR: calls 40UncleHoot: raises 160 to 200Canhambone: folds BackHouseBar: folds kichito3
  22. Seat 4: UncleHoot folded before Flop (didn't bet)Still alive!!!
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