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  1. Yep, I think you were the first to bust in the tournament. I missed it.
  2. kolman36 (Beloit) shippedse7enth_bok (crawfordsville) shippedloopy22 (Akron) shippedThat's all the more I got! GL!!!
  3. The Rules Rules!Shipped, but you better hurry home, but I want a hot pic of Grace Park, or I'll ask for my money back.
  4. To celebrate my worst run ever, I'm going to hand out stakes (50/50) for the 8.80 turbo at 20:40 ET tonight.I'll do 5. Oh, since that's how many fingers I have on one hand. I probably won't be playing it myself. I'm going to watch the new Hawaii five-O on TV tonight. Grace Park is yummy. I hope the show doesn't suck.On that note, and to steal a cue from Pilly Pill, post a hot pic of Grace Park* (not hard to find) along with your request, or its a no go. And also post your Poker Stars user id and city, so I'll know who the heck you are. Did I forget anything?I'll be around here for awh
  5. No... I'm not saying that MTT's have less variance. They have HUUUUUUGE variance. I never said that, and never meant to imply that. Generally speaking, your variance goes up when the number of players goes up. I was just saying that I can most likely get a lot more play per dollar, and that with $1200, I shouldn't go broke any time soon. Then later on, I'll try my luck at the SNG's again.
  6. I'm talking about the $5 to $15 big MTT's, not the SnG MTT's, you can quickly go broke in the $12 180 mans. With only a handful of those each day, and me only playing in the evenings, It would be difficult to lose more than 50 bucks in an evening.
  7. Yeah, I've read about that before and was like, "I don't need this! I run like God!" But today, I was just looking at it again. Sounds like you can get a 30 day free trial. I will probably go for it.EDIT: It's worth noting that this forum has changed over the past couple years. I expected 10 responses like "Give up." "TP/MM" "Nope, you suck." "Let me know next time you play." etc. LOL Thanks for feeling my pain.
  8. LOL I know what you mean! The play in the $10 MTT's is often unbelievably bad, and I always seem to end up with a big "WTF???" I used to do a lot of MTT's, but not so much in the last 4 years. And if I stick to MTT's, it's less likely that I will lose $300 in a single day, and that's mostly what I'm concerned about. I've been good with bankroll management principles, so I don't expect to go broke any time soon by playing $5- $15 MTT's.
  9. "F" for Mike Rogers.I wrote to him back in '06, and he essentially said that online poker supported terrorism. I've been a life-long Republican, but I can't vote for him now. I'm not voting Democrat, but I won't vote for him.Personally, I would give him an F-.
  10. Thanks for all the help. I'm going to do some googling as suggested, among other things.I think I'm gonna take some time off, maybe play some big MTT's now and then (at the $5 to $20 level). Perhaps I'll return to the SNG's in October. Actually, maybe I just need to concentrate on MTT's more. I've had deep runs, that I often seem to bust when I have trapped someone drawing to 2-4 outs on the river. Some day, that won't happen.My goal, at the beginning of August, was to reach 5,000 VPP's and clear the $50 bonus by the end of the year. If I had a downswing, I'd stumble through it. Well, I
  11. I've been moving up in limits, grinding (and crushing) the $6.50 and $16 18-man turbo's for the last few weeks. I was even moving into the $27's, and seemed to be holding my own really well. Until this week.Now I'm down almost $1,000 (half my bankroll) over the last 250 games. My ROI at the 6.50's and $16's had been consistently near 20 percent. Ok, so maybe I wasn't that good after all, and maybe my sample size was too small (a few hundred games in the 16's). But now I'm playing a mix of $16's and $6.50's, and I'm averaging something like -$3.50 per game (avg buy-in around $13) for this
  12. I saw perfect runners once. That was the only time I recall seeing it. Given the way I've been running lately, I expect that it will happen to me soonAA vs 99 AIPFFlop XXAturn 9river 9
  13. My serious vote was Greenstein, but perhaps even that could wait a few years.
  14. Honestly, I play differently against opponents when I see they have 2 or 3 (Silver or Gold) stars. I'm much more inclined to bluff a Silver, as they can fold. Bronze guys, who knows. Some will call you down with middle pair no kicker (if not worse). For that reason, I do NOT display my stars to the public. Do you?On that topic, it's interesting that Platinum stars normally play a much different game than Silver and Gold. IMHO, they seem to be more LAG, but generally pretty good at that style. Anyway, it's a style that I'm not as familiar and/or comfortable with, perhaps because many of
  15. Only half-jokingly, I suggest Chris Moneymaker.
  16. I finally attained Silver Star status last month, for the first time ever. This month, I had it within the first week, at which point I wondered if I should shoot for the Gold. But, alas, I'm not sure I really want to play that much.Supernova, pffffft... In my dreams.Congrats!
  17. I think this pretty well confirms my suspicions:http://www.cardschat.com/f54/all-access-gift-card-182696/Probably, NetSpend was getting rid of these cards, so they didn't bother worrying about conforming to the UIGEA. I found "evidence" that they once existed at a couple places, but no cards were there anymore, which made me think it wasn't coincidence that everyone just happened to be sold out of them.I deposited with eChecks last night ($100). I guess we'll see how that goes.
  18. Wife tried to get a card in Canada, and no dice (at a MoneyMart). After getting all kinds of ID from her, then eventually announced that she had to be a Canadian citizen.So, then I drove 25 miles to the place that said they had the "All Access Mastercard". No dice. They had the "Axcess Financial" MasterCard. That irritated me quite a bit, because I said specifically to look at the card and tell me if it said "All Access" on it. But, people are dumb, and I'm a sucker...eChecks appears to be the only option, now, and since the fine print regarding the bonus states that you can only get one
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