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  1. Honestly, the big problem here is that a large percentage of public officials do not understand what poker is. Is it gambling? Hell yes! But it's skill-based gambling, which I believe sets it far apart from slots and other types of gambling.Personally, I would not care one bit if any legislation passed in the US did not allow anything except poker. How they would define "poker" is a good question, but it has been done.But politicians seem to really f**k that kind of stuff up, for whatever reason. It's just too bad they didn't leave well-enough alone, much like porn on the Internet*, inste
  2. scrmlovrMr. Wojtas isn't a name I recognize, but I looked him up. I normally play from 6-11pm EST, and it looks like he's an early morning kinda guy (which may be pm where he lives...).
  3. I'm feeling better now. I've won back about $300, and haven't really played a lot. Plus...I looked up the stats on one of the regs that I often see playing in the $16 18-mans. He recently had a $900 downswing too. In fact, he had a stretch of 45 games with only 2 cashes. That's gotta leave a mark!Something weird about this guy... All he does is play $16 18-mans on Stars. As far as I can tell from SharkScope, that is all he has ever done. He never moves up or down in limits, and never plays STT's or bigger 45 and 180 mans. I guess that's his game. He's good at it, so why change?
  4. KFL, she is not.She's like the little sister I never had. Don't talk about my little sister that way!
  5. Interesting... I've played these a handful of times, just when I want to mix it up. I think the best I've ever gotten was 9th. LOL. But anyway, are there general rules regarding when you should/should not rebuy? I've always figured that if I bust, and it's close to the add-on, it's not worth it to rebuy, since the odds of me getting more chips is really low. Seems like it would be best to put my $6 into another one where I stand a better chance of accumulating pre-add-on.My rules are:Always double-rebuy (period).Always take the add-on (period).But I've always been curious of rebuy strate
  6. Came across this today: http://www.pokerplayer.co.uk/news/features..._tuff_fish.html
  7. Ha! I got you beat by more than 2 to 1 there!
  8. Back in the day, there were so many threads in General, that I normally stayed away. I didn't want to spend all day reading people's posts and replying with drivel, like, say, Lurbz for instance. :PNow that it's nearly dead, I can check back a couple times per day, skip a couple days, etc. It's great!!!
  9. Yikes. You run worse than me. Thanks for that...
  10. I finally saw the other side of variance again today. I played one set (6 games) with a mix of 16's and 6.50's, and well... But geez, I'm not sure how many times I saw AA and KK... A LOT.GameID Date (EDT) Type EntryFee Position Profit 314678721 25-Sep-10 11:49 NL Holdem $15 1/18 $92 314678408 25-Sep-10 11:43 NL Holdem $15 1/18 $92 314678181 25-Sep-10 11:39 NL Holdem $15 1/18 $92 314678730 25-Sep-10 11:37 NL Holdem $6 2/18 $25.90 314678185 25-Sep-10 11:35 NL Holdem $6 8/18 -$6.50 314679017 25-Sep-10 11:34 NL Hol
  11. I've always liked Annette. Some of her comments have been taken out of context to some degree, but yeah, she tends to speak her mind. I wish she still played online, though. I can never find her anymore. And yes, she's rather chubberly, but she's still cute. Admit it!I've only seen her on PAD once, and Antonio made sure she didn't stick around long (pocket 3's???). I hope she starts playing on those shows more regularly.Tom Dwan (who I never even heard of a little over a year ago), is definitely moving up. Or maybe he's already up. He's definitely becoming famouser and famouser. Heck,
  12. So, with that $25, you're accounts up to, what? $35???jk, Thanks brah.
  13. Wow. I'm surprised. I've shipped him money in the past $2, $3, $5, $10, etc. So, there's a pattern. Not sure if that works in my favor or not.
  14. Please... Do you guys really think that's a problem? Annette_15 publicly admitted that she allowed someone else to use her account and that they ended up winning a tournament. I don't think they care unless you're calling in the closer for a big tourney and someone complains, or engaging in some other type of dishonesty.Ok, so there's a tiny chance that posting this here could be a problem, but I highly doubt that it's going to cause me a problem (unless someone here has something against me).
  15. So last night, a storm was brewing. I didn't know it. I was in the basement playing poker.So, I've got 6 tables going. 4 $6.50's and 2 $16's*. In one, I had 600 chips, up from 20 early in the tourney. I had about 3K on a couple others, and about 4K in a $16.Then the power went out. Uggghhh.I waited and waited, and it came back on after about 5 mintues. Sweet! I logged back in, started playing, got dealt JJ with blinds at 200. Then the Internet quit. I never got to play JJ. I waited a few minutes, then started to panic. It's about 10:30pm...I called my friend and co-worker, who some
  16. gg.That was kinda fun. I'll have to try it again some time.
  17. gg everyone!RakeMyBlind still in at the break! w00t!
  18. Saw that guy triple up with K5 > AK > A8. what a donk! LOLgg brah
  19. ahhh... you're hidden from the search. I got you now.
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