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  1. You're right, gambling on the Internet is not 100% legal. Other than that, it's just as legal as the guy that points and clicks (in the US, of course). Furthermore, while home poker games are legal in Michigan (where I live), there is no law that directly addresses cheating. In other words, if you play poker in a home game and lose to a cheater, you may have no legal recourse (though it's possible that other laws may apply).The issue of "cheating" is also debatable. They (the bots) have no more information than you do, so I don't consider it cheating. They may be annoying, but so are good
  2. He could have had 4/2 and didn't figure his 4 kicker would win the pot, so why put in another 90 chips. Or, maybe he had something like 67s. Or perhaps he was, indeed, dumping.
  3. Interesting... I wasn't aware of this. They mention that Party will be added soon, also...[Edit] PartyPoker is available now, to some extent. Looks like it only lists large tourneys, though. Not SnG's and such.
  4. It's interesting (to me) to notice how the game changes from level to level. Watch (or play) a $500 buy-in tourney and you'll see things like:Preflop: EP raises to 4X BB, LP raises to 8X BB, EP folds. In lower stakes tournaments, that will almost never happen, I guess because they generally do not understand the importance of table position.I'm obviously not a pro, but I do pretty well at the low-stakes tournaments, and poker is generally just for fun (when it isn't "just for fun", I need to take a break). I often watch the high(er)-stakes tournaments, and I feel that I learn a lot from tha
  5. LOL! I try to play a good game, no matter what level I'm playing at. But I will play hands differently, depending on the situation. Last night I was playing Party's $2 tourney. I got Aces first hand, MP. I thought for a few seconds, then pushed (two limpers in front of me). Sure enough, I get a guy who says "You're history, moron." Last words. He had pocket Jacks. Playing at higher levels, I may not make that play, but when it's the first hand in a $2 tourney, I think it's the right play. (Ended up 62nd for $6. w00t!)
  6. I saw this in a 10+1 5-table SnG that I was playing on Party this weekend. There are less than 20 players left, top 7 get the money.Blinds T800/T400.UTG has T6,000 (roughly)BB has T1,783UTG calls (T800)SB foldsBB pushes (raises T983)UTG thinks for a moment, then folds.Maybe it's just me, but I can't think of a situation where I would NOT push on an unraised pot as BB in this situation. I'd be looking at my 6/3 and thinking "Wish me luck!" Incidentally, UTG never made the money, and BB ended up 2nd or 3rd, I believe (I'd have to check to be certain).
  7. Same here, although I only tried it once ($10+1 on Party). I was winning (slightly) until my opponent got a small pair and went all-in against my AQ.I think these are new on Party... Unless they used to have them and have just recently brought them back.
  8. Me: 4 4 EPFlop: 6 4 QMe: bet, 3 fold, one caller from LPTurn: 6 (giving me a boat)Me: smallish betHim: reasonable betMe: pause... call (cuz, I'm trapping...)River: 6Me: checkHim: puts me all-in.Me: fold and kick myself in teeth.He shows Q 9
  9. "Unfortunately for him, this was proof that he was playing poker online, which is illegal Nevada, and he was quickly arrested, tried and convicted and is now serving a 4 month jail sentence. He is expected to be out just after the WSOP ends."
  10. Anyone remember this?From the Mirage Poker Showdown (2005):"Not surprisingly, finding Ac-5d in early position on the next hand, Kido pushed his remaining 187,000 into the pot. Forrest, with As-9s, called, as did Bell, with 9h-9d. The flop came Kh-8s-4s, and Forrest, forsaking tournament etiquette – that you don’t bet anything but a monster hand into a dry pot against an active competitor when you’re both trying to knock out an all-in short-stack – pushed in 200,000. Bell turned in his 9’s, and appeared furious that Forrest had bet his flush draw, especially when the turn came 9c! When 4c hit t
  11. I could link to the article here on this site, but this URL is shorter... http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...d=13135&m_id=54Anyway, this sums it up to a large degree.Something I've wondered about, however, say you have 6 players left, and the BB is all in with $850 chips, and the blinds are $900. I've seen situations where two or three people call and then check it down (the more the better), and the BB ends up winning, say, $3400, at which point he may be back in the game. Whaddya think? Only call if you've got a good hand? Or try to knock the guy out as a group?I've seen t
  12. Hmmm... Neat idea. Actually, in one of those cases, AK against AJ, I raised 4X BB, and then AJ put me all-in. I could have folded, and indeed, I considered it. The correct play in the case may have actually been to move-in, so that he would have folded his AJ. But, I still somehow doubt that he would have.
  13. Does this help? http://www.partypoker.com/tournaments/deal.../make_deal.htmlThe last time I final tabled and there was a deal-making feature, I was severely short-stacked (like 3x BB), so it wasn't surprising that no one wanted to make a deal with me. With no fold equity, I just waited for others to self-destruct, and ended up in 7th.
  14. Truly amazing. "I just wanted to know what cards he had. I was really, really curious."Another one I see every once in a while is something like: K K 4 9 9Someone bets big on river and gets called by guy with, say, 3-4. I have to wonder... "I've got 3 pair. Can you beat 3 pair???"
  15. LOL! You're right. I had a back door flush draw. The turn card was a spade, which gave me the flush draw. I misremembered that, apparently. Anyway, I hit my flush, but he hit is full house.
  16. I suppose this could go in the bad-beat forum, too.I seem to be on a bad beat roll. I suppose everyone hits that occasionally, but it's really starting to suck. Here are a few examples:All-in AK vs AJ. Jack hits (I'm gone)All-in AKs vs AQ. Queen hits (I'm gone)All-in A7s with a flop of 577 (with flush draw) vs Q7. I hit my flush, then Q hits (I'm gone)AQs vs 10-10 on flop of 4Q5 (back door flush draw), he puts me all-in, I call, 10 on turn (I'm gone)That's the way some of my last few 5-table tourneys have ended (on Party). I'm starting to believe I'm cursed. I win coin flips 50% of the t
  17. LOL! Now THAT would be a tourney. Even if played online, you'd have to figure, what, about 12-14 hours to make Final Table?I wonder what the largest online tournament is/was. I've played in some freerolls on Party that were 5,000 players, and I think that is their max for any tourney. ( Once I won $5. w00t! )
  18. Take all of the buy-ins (minus fees) and add them up, and it will normally be 10-20% more than the guaranteed amount.e.g.2,500 players with a $350 buy-in would be $875,000 which is 16.7% more than the guaranteed amount. Or work backwards from $875,000 to arrive at 2,500 players. The last $750K tourney had 2,255 players. All of this is available by viewing the completed "Events" tournaments in Party's Lobby.
  19. Speaking as someone who is still relatively new, I can say that the SuperSystem book is a good way to start. It certainly helped me improve my game from someone who was glad to break-even, to someone who made $400 last month (just from casual evening play). I'm sure that there are a lot of other good books as well.Something else that helped me was playing in the "cheapie" tournaments. The tournaments where you really don't care if you bust out quickly. Why? Because you can learn to walk the fine line between being aggressive and reckless.Of course, you may be already playing at a level co
  20. I was just editorializing...
  21. "Calling Stations"They can be one of the scariest things to run up against. They may also be the ones that love to bluff every other hand. No matter what the pot odds, they're going to call you. Just hope that you notice the pattern before you bluff away all of your chips to someone with Ace high who beats your King high.I run across them occasionally, and I also see experienced players bluff away all of their chips, trying to get the guy to fold. Ironically, these players often think they are "awesome!!!" early in the game. If they would tighten up their play after that, it could be a go
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