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  1. Some snips from his imdb.com page (hmmm....wonder who wrote it?)http://imdb.com/name/nm1307726/bio"Never one to speak softly, his art became increasingly graphic and non-traditional. Soon he formed boygirl productions, a performance company that "explores the boundaries of artistic expression through the often experimental, explicit, unexpected, and unusual lens of cutting edge theater and film" (from mission statement); the name comes from the androgyny inherent within all of us, the similarities that make us human.""Immediately he found success in the independent film world, playing leading
  2. "I heard Stuey is pretty dead, too."Also prolly wouldn't hit well.
  3. "if the Babe played in todays game, he'd be lucky to hit .135 w/3 homers."Being dead nearly 60 years will cut into one's production.
  4. "his poker skills are far more exaggerated by storytellers than they really were."But the majority of the "storytellers" are some of the best/ most respected players in the game.
  5. Just went back and checked; looks like Daniel was at the last table that Ungar ever played at (according to Dalla).Others mentioned were Melissa Hayden, Ralph Perry, Perry Green, and Erik Seidel.
  6. If interested in SU, read Dalla's "One of a Kind." Fascinating read.
  7. "I have two WPT championships..."Who can forget the 2004 - Bay 101 Shooting Stars and, ummm, what was that other championship?
  8. Agreed.Just started playing here not too long ago.The Turbo SH SnG's have been my faves to play so far.
  9. http://www.bluffmagazine.com/news/newsArti...p?newsID=110183Liz Lieu will play Erik Sagstrom in a series of limit hold 'em matches at the new Venetian Poker Room this weekend.Lieu, a team member at Martin's Poker, is one of the most aggressive and successful players in the West coast $400/$800 cash games scene; Sagstrom, known online as "Erik 123" or "The Salmon", is the Swedish phenom whom many consider to be the best online player in the world. On May 5,6,7, 2006 in the new Venetian Poker Room, Lieu (right) and Sagstrom will go Head to Head in a $600,000 freeze out- a series of three $200,00
  10. Nets are waaaay thin.But the title of this thread pretty much sums it up for anyone who follows the Pacers.
  11. Nice touch with the "Monte Carlo SS" sticker.
  12. Thought this was a pretty decent read: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/sion...gins/index.html .
  13. He has a definite Solomon Grundy thing goin.
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