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  1. so you are admitting that the flop has treated Jamie Gold pretty well, and that a seven year old could have done the same thing that he did if given the same cards?
  2. this looks like a joke thread to me.... I hope this is a joke thread.....
  3. ohh not to shabby... your talking about the blue one right?
  4. I've never stated this on the forum before but... I, am Daniel Negreanu's son
  5. What is the reason for you posting this, OP? Because I can see nothing usefull coming from this thread, that will contribute to this site.
  6. I use my poker profits to invest into large quantities of crude oil stock.
  7. I would go with an ion, because if you get into this, your are going to end up moving away from your 98, becasue they are nice but after awhile they just dont do it. you can get a sweet Ion set up for around 400 it will be easy to operate and it allows you to go automatic,semi,single,3shot,6shot, or ramping mode. it works good for woodsball and great for speedball. Also you can upgrade to compete with just about any gun out there.
  8. ok, thanks for the help. Is the 80gig physically any bigger than the 30 gig? cause i want to be able to keep it in my pocket easily
  9. Quick question for those with the 30gig Ipods. I've been thinking about getting one, but before i do i want to make sure that it is the right one to get. So is there anything bad about them? or would there be a better way to go? Also about how many movies can they hold?Thanks for the help, Wes
  10. Are you sure you don't want the roast duck, with the mango salsa?
  11. lol, i'm pretty sure he wants to make some money on this book though, so he will have to sell a lot of copies. But i still agree with you.
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