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  1. So I dont post too much on here anymore, but I still read lots of the threads, and does GreatDane ever post anything besides links??? Seriously bro, uber lame, come on.JEFF
  2. Resizable tables, which Full Tilt does not have yet.Jeff
  3. As sick as Chuck is, how sick has Copi been in the big sundays for like the last 6 months, always right there at the end. GL Sir.Jeff
  4. Obviously the more the merrier for buy-ins. A lot of people say you should go with 20 Buy-Ins, but I think thats a lil light, especially if you 3 table or more. I like to go with 30 or 40, with 50 being when I move up in levels. It seems conservative, but it will help you balance the swings and play better because you are more comfortable.Jeff
  5. I make my living online although I live in Las Vegas, it is just nice to have these casinos around for when I do want to play live, unlike my hometown of Milwaukee. I called the number and left my message for them. I can now just cross my fingers and pray that this doesnt pass. And like Jordan said, I would march for this as well.Jeff
  6. Umm absolutely not EriK Saggstrom, his SN on Full Tilt is Erik1223, so yah, not him.Jeff
  7. Rumored to be David Williamson, not sure though.Jeff
  8. Ewwwwwwwww, shtty, go Hoosier.Jeff
  9. That is a highly standard play in Stud/8, lol. That guy is an idiot. You have 3 streets to improve to A high flush and from the looks of it you have a board lock on the low, so yah well played, morons are everywhere, lol.Jeff
  10. I might play this, or the Limit Hold Em Event, not sure yet. If it gets capped it may take forever but thats ok.Jeff
  11. This made me laugh for some reason, not sure why. And I love the PP and Online Poker Conspiracy theorists, they are quite funny.Jeff
  12. +1, Also the Sahara has a 42+20 nightly, good turn out.JeffP.S. I didnt read whole thread so if Sahara was mentioned, sorry
  13. Go Hang, just brought it up, represent FCP!!!Jeff
  14. I did not realize she had as nice of a rack as she did, Id still fck her.Jeff
  15. I would most likely fold this hand PF, as pretty as it is and as many draws as can be made with this hand, I do not like playing this hand to a reraise PF because I know I have to NAIL the flop in a big way to get paid or win the hand.Jeff
  16. Ok flop is standard, thats a given. The turn is the only tricky street I think, because if you make the call there, you are probably calling a bet on a seemingly inconspicuous river. So if we are going by read, I would like to see an aggressive line taken with a reraise, how much I am not sure yet, maybe somewhere in the 240-300 range. At this point if he comes over the top of you, you can dump the hand, although we are getting very good odds on our money now. Like I said this turn is perplexing, my mind is actually racing with all the ways to play it, argh.JeffP.S. Hopefully some of my i
  17. Jamie Gold is a ******.The WPT Lawsuit is BullshtThe Krablar PWNS all, I think.And your mother is a fat whoreJeffP.S. I am trying my best
  18. I think they may be moving their servers or rolling them over or something, I dk though, thats just what I suspect is happening.Jeff
  19. Ok since it is actually a +131%, thats freaking outstanding, nice work.Jeff
  20. +2, because well, that was funny as hell.Jeff
  21. I am pretty sure he was being sarcastic, but A2345 is nut low, may not be nuts in a hand though for high.Jeff
  22. Fmylcar = DONKEY!!!But +1 on the post, slightly humorous.Jeff
  23. Good job Socal, I was also in this tournament and got donk striked with 1010 vs my KQ on a Q9x flop, running J8, he called off with 1010 there, which was ok by me, but the fact that he got there, not cool.Jeff
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