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  1. I put 5-7, but thats about 6-8 for me, so that was the closest to how long I play.Jeff
  2. From what I gathered, she was yelling to a friend across the room telling him she was all in, and then when she won, she told him what the board texture was and what she had. But thats just what I got from it.Jeff
  3. +1 on Ices post, I chopped a tourney up on Tuesday HU, just trasnferred amongst ourselves after talking on AIM.Jeff
  4. I think we were posting at the same time when I realized what it stood for.
  5. Thats a sick amount of FPPs but I dont get what the amounts in the Survey stand for, dollars or what???JeffEdit: m= Months, Im retarded...
  6. Wow how does he call of 60% of his chips with KJ off, weeeeee. I might have to play one of these satellites.Jeff
  7. Wynn 330 best under 500, and Paris has a PLO tourney, not sure what the time and buy in is though.JeffEdit: As for PLO games, try Bellagio, thats my best guess for a "regular" game at those levels, or the Wynn.
  8. I also played this and I kind of got a lil coolered and played the hand bad, but I am railing, GLGLGLGLGL!!!Jeff
  9. I actually think that it is a great movie about what high stakes gambling used to be like. Of course it is a little cheesy due to when the movie was made, and the fact that it is a gambling movie. I mean even Rounders is a little cheesy. But I liked it, and poor first post sir, BOOOOOOOOOO!!!Jeff
  10. Alright if dealer is taking tips, then 10 an hour plus tips for 1/2NL and 10/20 Limit and higher. Lower games, deal yourself, unless the game plays very big for its stakes.Jeff
  11. Playing small ball in online tournaments, with standard blinds and standard starting chips seems like a worthless endeavor to me. My game online is good PF, because it has to be. Now playing Live, both Ring and Tournies, tournies with good structures that is, I like to play LOTS of small ball. I guess online deep stack tournaments have an argument, but really the pots are just bigger earlier for some reason, online donkies I presume.Jeff
  12. Cole0707 is a notorious spewer. He has some game but when he plays on FTP he is just spewing in every game. He went on a sick rush for a while about 9 months ago, but besides that, thats it for him. From what I hear hes some kind of business guy who plays poker for fun.Jeff
  13. Took a chip chop with the guy, its ok by me, got 3k out of it. Thanks for the rail guys.Jeff
  14. Bah, I had AA hand before that A8 hand, what a turn though, sick sweat for him.Jeff
  15. MY DB looks like balls, but I had about 15K in cashes on FTP before the DB started up on FTP, which is gay.Jeff
  16. What a heart, lol, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Jeff
  17. I did have the flush, J10ss, was a loose call on the flop, but I thought he would pay me off if I got there, so yah.JeffP.S. TYTY Jam for the stats, I did a DB search, same results.
  18. 1st with 6 to go, playing well, running good. Rest of table I have good reads on so I am liking how this is shaping up.Jeff
  19. I think if you are playing a small home game, like .25/.50 or .50/1 then its not worth it, but 1/2 or 2/5, then its worth it I think.Jeff
  20. FTed in 3rd, seems like a good table line up. I had 99 First hand of FT when flop was 10QK, guy who called with KJ is also same guy who called off his whole stack with AQ on an 8 high flop vs JJ and spiked a Q on the river, hes weak. Jeff
  21. Been forever since I have played a tourney on a weeknight, been playing cash games for like 3 months str8 now. I am 5th with 10 to go, any support would be appreciated, or I am just bragging, not sure yet.Jeff
  22. Not in last longer, but playing the 300K on FTP.Jeff
  23. I gave Brandi Rose the win because she just might be crazy enough to pull it off, and Matusow the first boot due to severe annoyance on his part.Jeff
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