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  1. Wynn game is good, plays very deep, could sit with 1k or so in the 2/5 as it is no cap, would give you an advantage over most of the table being as deep as you are. The Bellagio 2/5 is generally a lot of tourist, could take a while to find a seat, but worth it. Venetian is too many regulars dont play there, MGM is best, but like was said, the word is getting out which kind of sucks, but still good for the time being.Jeff

  2. My local room has 15 tables, and the game I play is a 3/5 NL game with the list at peak hours being 30-45 long. They have 1-3 tables open at most times but never take their lists and make a new table, and ALL of their lists are like this, 30-45 long at peak. It doesnt make much sense, but they are short dealers, so I just wait it out. One nice thing is that you can call in and be on the list 2 hours before you have to check in, so yah that helps. Still shitty when you have to wait though.Jeff

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