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  1. I dont like playing scared here, I think checking with the intention of check raising is 100% fine although you could lead if opponent is laggy and has been raising a lot of weak leads on the flop. Overall calling fairly quickly and living with the results is proly the most +ev play in this spot.Jeff
  2. I have both tools and with HEMs new release coming out some time very shortly and a better price, IMO, I would go with HEM. The new release on HEM is going to fix a lot of things SNG and MTT related the product had. So IMO go with HEM.Jeff
  3. I would not recommend waiting to jump from 50NL to 200NL. If you multi table I would recommend gradually feeding 100NL tables in with your 50NL tables. Like if you play 4 50NL tables, play 3 of then and mix in one 100NL and then gradually make it 2 and then 3, etc. This should help the transition.Jeff
  4. If you arent getting it in here in a 3 dollar sng, I would recommend not playing PLO. Against said opponent Id high five the monitor then click call all day long.Jeff
  5. Three bet, make it 20-25. It thins the field and shrinks this multi-way pot into a much more manageable HU or 3-Handed pot. Obv if you do get a call PF you are jamming this flop all day and twice on sundays with your stack size.Jeff
  6. Snap Call, appluad playing Q7o that way and then laugh when you nut in said players face, BOOM!!!Jeff
  7. http://www.pocketfives.com/BEB66C26-8D40-4...F11C131E60.aspxThis should help you out in this situation, and coming from Annette, its probably pretty reliable.Jeff
  8. Wynn game is good, plays very deep, could sit with 1k or so in the 2/5 as it is no cap, would give you an advantage over most of the table being as deep as you are. The Bellagio 2/5 is generally a lot of tourist, could take a while to find a seat, but worth it. Venetian is too many regulars dont play there, MGM is best, but like was said, the word is getting out which kind of sucks, but still good for the time being.Jeff
  9. The Rhino? Cant believe I didnt see this one from you degenerate fcks.JeffEdit: I didnt see response above, but yeah, Rhino is my choice.
  10. Any links to updates, Im lazy and dont want to search around.Jeff
  11. I tried to sign up for an account at one point and it just didnt work for some reason, I hate mywebatm.Jeff
  12. 10K minimum to play that game for a living, 8k if you have a day job, MINIMUM!!Jeff
  13. Sure you can, take a 30 Hand/Hour average and multiply it by how many hours you have played, that will get you a rough estimate.Jeff
  14. She looks like this asian I went to High School with, and that was a guy, not soooooo hot sir.Jeff
  15. You arent +EV anyways TJ, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!Jeff
  16. Shannon is personally my favorite young player, besides the Ship It Holla Ballas for obvious money wasting and women banging reasons. I respect him a lot for coming out and saying the things he does in his blog, and he will make a big score, hes that good.Jeff
  17. H@ll is not busto, he wasnt a winner in the 25/50 game, but he isnt broke. He is just sick of playing poker from what I have read and is not playing near as much.Jeff
  18. Proly meant the 4m guaranteed total hoosier???Jeff
  19. http://www.pocketfives.com/AD3F7289-297A-4...6CD27D1F73.aspx Here you go, have fun, and I was wrong, it was 259 seats over a 2-3 week span.Jeff
  20. There was a guy on P5s who won like 258 seats or something in one week playing SNGs to build his roll. He did an article, no link though, but it was interesting.Jeff
  21. My local room has 15 tables, and the game I play is a 3/5 NL game with the list at peak hours being 30-45 long. They have 1-3 tables open at most times but never take their lists and make a new table, and ALL of their lists are like this, 30-45 long at peak. It doesnt make much sense, but they are short dealers, so I just wait it out. One nice thing is that you can call in and be on the list 2 hours before you have to check in, so yah that helps. Still shitty when you have to wait though.Jeff
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