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    Well, it's obvious why I came here in the first place, right?
  1. I don't think there are any holes to the story, so the story seems to be true. Some parts of the story could have been slightly exaggerated, though. In retrospect, I did hear rumours about Phil being in Thailand around the summer just before his poker pursuit and I'm pretty sure this must be the one.The guy probably did went to the Thai police, but it seems like the police didn't do anything.
  2. I'm assuming when the opponent raised, everyone folded but you. If that was the case, then why not all-in preflop? I assumed the opponent was quite short-stacked. He capitalized on your mistake. If the crazy guy was really playing bully, you should have called. He wanted you to fold obviously. Even if you had busted, at least it was with pocket queens (a starting premium hand).In a WPT tournament, Doyle Brunson called with a mere pocket treys against Patrik Antonius' ace-deuce offsuit because he got sick of being the pushover. Poker is about psychology as well, not just the cards. I guess you
  3. FCPers here are making constructive criticisms. They are trying to help you out so that you can play better next time. Anyway, I have to be frank. Keep your strategy simple --- you are a beginner after all. I advise against making creative plays until you are confident in your skills. That play you did against Lederer was not rational.My advice: Don't ever bust out with nothing, especially when you don't have a lot of chips to afford a bluff.Good luck in your next event.
  4. Still plenty of chances to win a bracelet. Then again, these poker players must have wanted to bust DN.
  5. Ideally, Daniel's system will favour him for sure. But there will always be cheaters exploiting his system. As long as they handcuff Daniel in any WSOP events, Daniel can't win and will not profit in the long term. Instead, it's the cheaters who prevails. This is common sense from the (professional) gamblers' point of view.If I am in fact missing something here, please enlighten me.
  6. My thoughts exactly. The hacker/cracker definitely have some knowledge about the poker sites. Still, I don't understand the cracker's motive other than the fact that he dislikes Sol or he is just a psycho.
  7. Depends on which scientists you are referring. Some "fake" scientists --- with no affiliation to any high profile organization --- were bribed by the U.S. government to publish BS articles emphasizing that global warming is a myth and is a natural phenomenon (or something like that...which is bull). Bush is strongly denying the global warming phenomenon...likely because he's still trying to get the oil resources from Iraq for the sake of strengthening the US economy. Yeesh...I'm not quite sure if other countries are trying to pursue the oil as well...maybe someone can tell me. My primer minist
  8. My opinion: It was pure ignorance in Daniel's part, but he didn't meant it to be racist or anything offensive. Yeesh. DN is really a great guy.
  9. At the least, it is possible that both teams have pitchers who uses pine tar. La Russa chose to be defensive in order to keep the matter as quiet as possible. So in essence La Russa may have knowledge about this after all. That's just my conjecture. I was a little suspicious when La Russa opted not to rat on Kenny Rogers.And if that is the case, then you can bet that a myriad of pitchers surreptitiously used pine tar. Kenny Rogers, I suspect, used pine tar in several occasions. His claim that the brown stuff was a clump of dirt is bogus.I'd blame the commissioner, though. That guy is totally i
  10. Top pair is not a strong hand. I'm surprised many players still fall for that.
  11. I don't think it would have mattered considering that the players aren't really playing for much money. Some donks would have called any bet. That's just my opinion, though.I find it a little funny that many of the bad beat posters play for low stakes.
  12. Wow, just unlucky. I suppose there is nothing you can do about that in a $10 tournament.
  13. This wasn't a bad play at all. You just got unlucky when the river card hit.
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