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  1. Honestly i really wont. I flirted with disaster just before getting it to 2300, i went down to 200 and then got extremely. I said from the begining i got extremely lucky.After that MY plan was to only play with my profit that i made (from 700 to 1300 so i would play with 600) from then on and stop at 2000 or when i go back to original amount. I hit 2000 and stopped after i lost a hand. I will not play again, cause to be honest it not as enjoyable as Poker. Poker i just love playing, if i couldnt play for money id play for play money. BJ was just soemthing i wanted to try and got extremely luck
  2. Ive always been enjoyed X box more then Playstation granted i ahvent played PS3 yet.Oh and my buddy was a guy unfortunately, who makes extra cash from BJ at the casinos. He refuses to play Online as he doesnt trust it.
  3. oh i truly realize i just got extremely lucky. I flirted with disaster a few times on the run... but luckily i avoided it. I was just extremely excited as i had never had run like this. Ill go back to grinding out the tables now. Im thinking of using the money to either get a laptop or an X Box 360. the last time i cashed out i went on a trip (Cancun got a deal for 700 all inclusive as my mom is a travel agent.) but this time i want something i can enjoy everyday.So should i get a laptop or X box 360?
  4. so i play at Titan and over the last 5 months i turned 50 bucks to 650. so after a few trips to the niagara falls casino and my buddy teaching my BJ i thought id give BJ a try on Titan and well in the last week combined with my poker winnings i turned 650 into 2300. only about 400 of that was from poker the rest from BJ. I know this wont last so im playing to withdraw 1000 since im student and honestly 1000 is alot of money to me, leaving me with 1300 to continue my poker playing. i dont think ill play BJ anymore as i think it was just a very very good swing. just thought id share my story wit
  5. i just saw they have merchant called instadebit which appears to be only for canadians. ya the first time i got a check from them it got here pretty quick but the bank held on to it for 25 days
  6. dam that means i cant use neteller to cash out anymore, which sucks. im canadian so their troubles hadn't affected me yet
  7. OK so i play micro limits at titan, which normally has a few tables going, not alot of traffic but not dead either. For some reason today every table is full with a wait list of close to 20 ppl, i was just wondering if anyone heard anything of them merging with another poker site or something. i even tried contacting them through online support however i get no response which is odd and they are usually very good with that. Just wondering if anyone can fill me in on the situation
  8. i actually studied him in a course, he was very very influential to the music industry
  9. Every one has matusow going first, however i see him as the perfect pawn, if you can formulate an alliance in which hes included, he will always take the spotlight off yourself. If you can make it to the final 2 he may be ther perfect partner as he could be extremely hated by the jusy, giving someone a for sure win. just my opinion
  10. Ill do it, the answers will be wrong but it will be done
  11. I have NORTON anti virus, updated and it found nothing does that mean its safe to assume in safe. does it do the same job and AVG
  12. I dont see the AVG link can u re post it, also will it find it and delete it if its there?
  13. NO i reformatted and re installed windows, everything seems to running ok now, so from now one i should use spybot and adaware in safe mode if it every happens again, i also enabled my firewall which had been previously disabled... Also is spybot needed if i have adaware?
  14. well ok thanks for the info, but i didnt do a system restore, i did a system recovery when everything gets destroyed except what came with the computer. so would that rid my comp of the spyware, i will download the spybot thanks for the info again.
  15. OK its been 4 days since i did it, is it safe to assume it took care of the problem cause i havent had anything happen since
  16. I asked this question within another topic but thought maybe id get a quicker answer if i made a topic about it. The day the forums went down my comp went nuts saying i had a virus, i ran scans with norton but they found nothing but it still said i ahd a virus and my homepage would be website saying i had a virus and i couldnt change it, panicing i reboot my comp from scratch destroying all files that didnt come with the comp when i bought it. My question is would this take care of a virus if i had one. i dont seem to have any problems now and i enabled my firewall, i noticed it was disabled
  17. I also had my virus protection go nuts the day the forums went down... i also noticed my firewall had been disabled... however i just reboot my computer from scratch, destoryed all the files that werent with the computer when i reiceived it... would that take care of any possible virus i had? ... i enabled my firewall now... im lucky that i ahve no money on neteller, and my account isnt a savings account and i disabled my instacash... however im horrible when it coems to computers so would restoring my computer help to anything if i had a virus before?
  18. I wish i kenw this information 2 days ago, i just made an account, now i think i wanna close it once my deposit into my back account grows through... this is very very scary
  19. yes that exactly what i needed, thank you very muchlock it up
  20. i guess my question is mis understood. In the NEteller screen it had two tabs withdraw or deposit. which heading do i go under to put money into my account through EFT. i would have thought it would have been Deposit, but it looks to me deposit, means taking money from your account and placing it onto neteller.the reason for my question about the length of time was because sometimes they say 1-2 days, but then in some cases take longer, i just wanted feedback from ppl who have Deposited money to their account using NEteller
  21. hey guysok i just made a withdrawl to the my neteller account and i wanna deposit the money into my bank account using EFT, do i click the withdrawl section or Deposit section, and how long will it take to get into my bank account. thanks for the info guys
  22. Full tilt has the option to use a credit card directly and they accept mastercard, so my idea was to deposit 500 with my credit card whihc is master card on full tilt, then get my echeck from titan, when the e check clears i would pay off my credit card, but its just a time comsuming process cause my bank holds the e check for 21 busniess daysdoes anyone use click2pay, are they quick and reliable?
  23. ok guys i just encoutered a problem...i started my bankroll with PSO free 50 at titan... to withdraw through neteller i have to first make a deposit, the problem is i only have a mastercard, and neteller doesnt deal with mastercard, and i dont wanna use my bank account, ive heard horror stories, and personally i dont wanna find out if their true... so is there any other way i can move my BR to another site most likely FTP. the way i can think of is get an e check from titan but my bank puts a hold on it for 21 business days. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. hey guysIve been playing on Titan for awhile but i think its time for a change, not enough traffic there espeically at night. Well i wanna get rakeback and the first deposit bonus and both sites offer 100% bonus. I was just wondering which site has the softer games. thanks for any help guysanother question when using neteller, when i withdraw from titan do i can just transfer the money into either FT or UB, or do i have to place it in my checking account then withdraw it back into FT or UBForgot to mention one thing, my BR is 500 and i play mostly NL .10 .20 or .25 depening on the site.
  25. Thanks for the suggestions guys
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