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  1. Really? Great plays and nice guy? The guy exudes Doucheyness and is pretty much a donkey, especially at cash games. ROCKS AND RINGS!
  2. Are you serious? For stating this, YOU should retire from poker.Theres many many situations where you should fold KK preflop. Moron.
  3. Thanks! didn't have time to look it up, but 2 popped into my head right away, so ya, i think a lot of people know who won a sub 2k tourny.
  4. Hellmuth's 10th bracelt, no?and I think one of Madsen's last year too?
  5. Yes there areore bracelets to win, but they are exponentially harder to win with a. a MUCH larger number of PROFESSIONAL poker players than in the past, b. a MUCH larger field in every single event - meaning longer days, little rest for the body and mind. I believe a bracelet is MORE prestegious now than in the past, especially anyone who can win more than one in this present form.
  6. Fuuckin genius! about 2 days late on that post. Try reading the 5 posts above this one moron.
  7. Ummm, ya, you have to be really dumb to come second in the main event, final table Uassie, and win NBCHU. I think YOU are not the brightest crayon in the tree.
  8. i think this was in bluff magazine, and this was for a very short period of time when he was starting to focus on it. This was not sustained over a large sample period.
  9. Considering Hellmuth's play at last years wsop, i would take Hellmuth for sure. He also probably wants it more than the other two, his ego needs to eat!
  10. Sooooo many players are backed in HSP. Wasicka is backed for sure, Laak was backed heavily in the first season he played in it, hell, Helmuth is or was most likely backed too, considering he doesn't play high stakes cash games really at all before HSP started. He was really out of his element.
  11. This refers to the "Show one show all rule, and it is ABSOLUTELY ethical AND relavent, and if you don't give a **** what someone else had in that hand, you are NOT good poker player. Every other player at the table deserves to know whether or not you just ran a good bluff or had a monster. If one person knows this information (the lady you showed your monster too) then every other player does too, otherwise, she has a distinct advantage.
  12. it appears that you are lacking something crucial.........oh ya:
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