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  1. Here is an idea...look at tournament structure sheet before showing up late...even better get there on time!!!
  2. Daniel, I didn't read through all of this and don't know if it was brought up before but you have posted several times that you bet people in golf and they have "the round of their life"...and it makes you very upset but to my knowledge you pay them....you even wote a blog sometime ago, about Russ Hamilton I believe, saying no one will play him cause he never tells the truth about his game and what kind of person is that....basically slamming him pretty good. Now, Ivey kind of does the same thing yet it is ok...cause that is what gamblers do?? Now they should pay the money but a true gentlem
  3. Did I see that they were taking out the 150-300 and 300-600 levels as well!!! DN have any say so in this??
  4. DN, what do you think about the blind levels in the WSOP...they have taken out some of the levels but have given you double more chips....what is the point?
  5. I have a question for DN...They say they are "speaking" for the players and you say that the WPT possible made them what they are.....didn't No Limit Holdem's popularity make you what you are but you want to change the WSOP to less of those events. Also, why would WSOP change to less of these events when they are massive overflows in the No Limit events. The "players" obv. want NL yet you are trying to change the schedule to make less of them???
  6. First off let me say, I am a fan of DN. Now does he realize that everyone else is still playing?? The WSOP is still going on w/o DN. If he gets his money back does he know he is saying EVERYONE who played in that event should get their money back. I know Harry D. got his back BUT the difference being he was mad from the begining of the tournament!!Also, DN pulled his sheet out and read the rules of that tournament. It said no more then 11 handed, never did it say a min. which means it could be 2 handed if they want. It also says that these rules are subject to change. Preety sure the H.
  7. YOU FOLD!!!!!!! If you win that pot, there would be 7900 players left. All have 10,000 in chips and you have 20,000. That will make you less then a half % better chance to win then anyone else. And if you lose, well you are done. In the interview, Dutch bet Fishman that if they asked 20 "pros", a pro being someone who has won a WSOP event or WPT event, more would say they would call. Dutch lost that bet!!! With are due respect to Matt M., he is just dead wrong!!
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