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  1. I'll be shocked if Tallackson makes anything of himself in the NHL. Big and has skill but never displayed any real hockey sense at Minnesota and looked liked one of those guys that will never really have "it". Maybe he will be a late bloomer but I sure wouldn't bet on it.
  2. He's cheap, young, and works hard with some skill. Somebody will snag him. How's Scott Thornton working out for you?
  3. Drac


    The Leafs don't want the competition. The market could certainly support another team but how much compensation would the Maple Leafs demand? I'm American but think that moving a couple teams to Canada would work with the current economic agreements in place and would be good for the game.
  4. Drac


    Pittsburgh has some of the luckiest hockey fans in the world. Lemieux and Jagr, now Crosby and Malkin. Yes, they've blown for a while now but they have 2 Cups in the not so distant past and some of the most entertaining players in the league for the last 20 years. They were fun to watch last year and it's only going to get better. Maybe they can move to the Target Center in Minneapolis if Pittsburgh screws up the arena deal. We should be able to support another team...after all, we are the State of Hockey.Yes, I'm kidding about that.
  5. I think they have the ideal type of team to be good in the playoffs. Top notch goaltending, a coach that can get his team to play lock down D when needed and what should be a very good power play. I'd be worried about their defense not being that tough but I look at Carolina last year and see that what the Wild have should be good enough. It will be an interesting year in the West.
  6. 5-0, nice to have the home team be entertaining at last. Don't have to depend on the visitors to provide all of the skill anymore.
  7. I heard that the forces of Evil were crushed by the defenders of Freedom 31-28. Clearly, Evil was overrated.
  8. Did I miss it or is there no pick a game a week pool like there was last year?
  9. Yeah, Yahoo is screwy with adding players to the pool. He was added on the 22nd.
  10. Still interested in making a small wager on this? May not be worth your time but I'll gladly take the under on 30 goals and/or 70 points for Semin.
  11. Parrish, if healthy, is a lock to get over 40 points. He'll be on the 1st PP unit camped in front of the net and likely on the first line with Gabby and Demitra. That said, Prospal is a MUCH better option but nothing wrong with showing some love for the hometown boy.
  12. Ryan Whitney...50+ points, 100 PIM's, tons of PP time, not in ESPN's top 200.
  13. I love the sour puss pic with the article...perfect for the attitude that comes out. I agree with a lot of what he says.Now the Wild need to make an offer like this to Paul Martin.
  14. Plus/Minus is by far the hardest stat to predict year to year (look at Pronger, +47, +3, +52 in 3 consecutive seasons) and the Rangers probably won't be as good this year. Rozsival's PIM's were also out of line for his previous production (more than 2 previous seasons combined). Berard will be better than Rozsival in 4 of the 6 categories, worse in one and pretty close in PIM's (Berard should get 60, Roszival has only been over that number once). Columbus should be better this year and in a league with so few teams Berard may not be your best bet but there are tons of guys out there better
  15. You should be able to find a better D man than Roszival on the waiver wire in a 7 team league of noobs.K. Johnsson (MIN) and B. Berard are both ranked out of the top 75 in the default Yahoo rankings. Jovonovski (FLA) is out of the top 50 and is a must pick up if available. Salo, Mara, Ohlund, Bouwmeester are all ranked lower than 30th in D men in Yahoo and would be good additions to your team. Carle from SJ is WAAAAY down the rankings and should be the top scoring dman on his team.
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