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  1. so what youre saying is you wanna have a $10 Guaranteed tourney on stars?
  2. I find that while im better at holdem so is everyone else. With omaha the gap between me and other players seems to be greater.
  3. i read some where that the reason to do it is to get the same effect out of your raise but put less of your chips at risk. ie blinds are 100/200 standard raise would be to make it 600 to go but you always make 585 or something like that. Its basically the same raise but you save yourself 15 chips each time. it can add up over the course of a multi tourney
  4. saw him on tv last night poker royal battle of the sexes on gsn i think
  5. What place did you take? how much was the cash?
  6. UH..... Then you could always click no. But heh thanks for your opinion
  7. How much taxes would i owe on -$3765? I wouldnt want to get myself in any trouble with the IRS
  8. how did you end up doing btw? He got knocked out in the 3rd hand 64 off against QQ
  9. play at this level really comes down to math. Even though the 2 players knew the third had KK they were pot commited. You really cant fold a double flush draw preflop when you know youre up against a big pair.
  10. you shoulda said something i wouldve railed you
  11. let me know when they have a short stacked cash table. It'd be perfect for my bankroll
  12. If you bet can it still be considered a freeroll? Ponder and discuss amongst yourselfsEdit* that would be a lot funnier if the op said "Ill bet i beat the best players." argh i really need to start reading slower
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