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  1. Odd stsory to say the leaset, until this morning that is. Talking to a buddy and he tells me, "You'll never believe it..." He was playing along side his cousin last night a $1 table at P Poker with their free $15 bonus... his cousin turned it into $155 in three hands... AA, AA, AA!!!!!!!!!!Then I told him about this forum.... Full Moon maybe!!!
  2. Anyone else have any ideas... my b-roll's gettin low so I doubt I'd last long there... My own fault it's taking so long, didn't read the rules and transferred the whole bonus at once and have to hit hundred's of pts to claim... "I am so smart S-M-R-T!!!"
  3. Well there you go... I guess I'm too new to have known the hand numbers had been reset... seems much less significant now.I appreciate the offer for a comp for those who may hit the big one... and don't get me wrong I appreciate free stuff as much as the next guy, but for me I was just surprised not much was being said about it. The odds of being in that hand I'm sure are huge... Anyway, thanks for the clarification.
  4. Hey, who doesn't like a good promotion once in awhile... but more than that is the magnitude of the roll over. I guess I'm just surprised there's nothing being said about it. Does no one else think this is a significant accomplishment???
  5. I posted a while ago that FCP/Poker Room is getting close to it's 1,000,000,000th hand.... currently sitting around 987,000,000ish. I was wondering if there would be any promotions for those who play in that land-mark hand, but no one seemed to know. The forum admin didn't even make comment on it.At the suggestion of another reader I even pm'd DN himself to see if he had any thoughts on it, but received no reply. Considering how busy the man is that wasn't really a big surprise... had to try though!!!So here I am asking again, anyone know if anything's in the works? Maybe the forum admin could
  6. Hey great idea... I did. I'll see what he says...
  7. Thanks for the link, but I doubt he'd take my call... maybe I'll just wait til he pm's me for advise...
  8. Yeah FCP/PokerRoom... sorry. Last week or so the hand # was up around 915,000,000 and now around 954,000,000. I've seen other sites do big promotions for anyone playing at the table when a large numbered hand hits, winning $$$. Even anyone playing in the same tournament, or at the same limit tables where it hits get something.Someone give me Mr. Negreanu's number and I'll fill him in!
  9. ...ever check the hand counter at the top right corner of the table when you're playing????
  10. It's approaching quite fast... anyone know of any promomotions if you're playing in the 1,000,000,000th???
  11. So I answered my own question when I looked at my ticket... 2000. Does this mean registration could close out before everyone gets in. In other words is there more than 2000 possible entries... and if I'm 2001 signing up I'm SOL????? I'd rather it just be wide open.... several thousand if necessary!!! That way if you qualify for the tourney you don't have to worry about not even getting in it.
  12. Thanks!!! Anyone know how large the field will be for this one, I'm assuming it'll be huge....
  13. Where will the Aug 27th tourney be for registration? Regular Tournaments?
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