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  1. the little blue book is the one coming out in october. and i believe the little black book is his first book,the real deal.
  2. just played an order for these books. i also reordered the list so it shows poker first. i invested so far 300 overall the last six 8 months in poker,, and still got 9 bucks left, and 50 avaible to redonate.. i havent' played though for i want to get better first.. and so more books and dvds. plus i just love high stakes poker on monday.here is the books i ordered. Sold by:Amazon.com 1 "Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No-Limit Hold 'em Poker Tournaments"Blair Rodman; Paperback; $tourment book,, to even the odds. Sold by:Amazon.com 1 "Championship Hold'em Tournament Hands: A Han
  3. thanks for the reply kiddynamite.truly I hope that daniel reads that and likes it, and if anything of it could help him in his quest.. then it was all worth it I would try to help phil, but he doenst' have a forum so I have no idea how he would get to read it. plus I am mad at him for buying his tourment strategies dvd and it turned out to be the online strategies dvd in wolf clothings. but I do like to watch him play and look forward to watching him this season two on high stakes poker when he returns. sorry for the spelling errors. it is better for the most part to just flow with no editin
  4. hello daniel. I been a tarot reader for 4 years and a studyer of it for 16 years.and so I am hoping you will read this,, and if you like it , give me a shoutout in the blog:) question,, how to help daniel win the championship. 0. the message from the creator. strength card. this card is differnt then the aggression that most poker players display in order to win the championship. the lady is controlling the lion mouth with gentleness. that alone tells me that for you to suceed, you will have to be almost zen about it and let the spots play themselves. this is a card about innerstrength not
  5. on the other side,, I like this book which i just picked up my last trip into town. the section devoted to sit and goes strategy, and the section devoted to multitabling are explained in a pratical way. since scott hasnt' read books such as top (theory of poker) it does leave out a lot of theory that might of made them better. Still I am rereading it over and over for it is a lot better then my doyle online book, or deal me in or killer poker online.
  6. that is so funny ,, we say that a lot on the reserve eh my canadian brother :)yeah the man mr stacked slept in, give him a break.
  7. I liked the new name for brian fiddler,, I didn't notice it on the boards myself but it was only recently i become a board franatic. he looked like he was having a good time, and I like how daniel stuck up for the decisions that fidpoker made. then that joke about cleaning out the closet was classic, I think it was improved for fid looked suprised for a second. right ? I also got a kick out of daniel explaining his bluff with that smile on his face like a child caught wtih his hand in the cookie jar. the pot limit info was nice , (p.s. when will that dvd be in amazon and walmart mr kid poker
  8. no ,, I was looking at the thread with great interest myself.. my bank roll is too small to apply aka 50 deposit lol.. but I found it interesting how much support he has gotten from other people backing up his teacher material kudos stevestud someday once i get semi decent in the years to come I hope to be a student.. that is IF I dont' make protege number four or something be most helpful if next thread in six months you include bankroll, experience required and such.so you can weed out the pms with no bankroll ahead of time. I almost pm you at the end, til i read about the bankroll. but s
  9. hi I never played in mcphillips street station. I have played at club regent four times now over my various trips to winnipeg. as of last time I left.. which was about at least two months ago now. it is a small room five poker tables if i recall.the blinds are 3/6, 4/8, 5/10. they do attempt to start a higher ranked table 10/20 table but no one goes for it. (at least in my visits ) the last two times there was an empty table and i tried to ask for a sit and go and the floor person told me that they dont' do that. there is usally a normal waiting list ?(never been in any other casino ) there w
  10. besides your gaining the experience of many head up matches which is something antionio advocates in his new book . I would recommend rereading, and rereading again the heads up strategies in harington on hold them part two, and perhaps a bit tighter strategy in tj new book winning the championship. at 61 out of 100 it is time to tweak your approach and get more milege out of your style. my newbie advice
  11. just my opnion which would be back up by the facts that in most run it twice pots,, it has almost been split up on tv. the part about variance i got from tv where daniel says "it cuts down on variance or something to the effect "" to me it looks like it increases the chance that they will split the pot, and if someone get beat, they knew they were beat. If i wanted to run it twice,, i would do it three times just to make sure i won, two of three sounds more sporting,, but then why run it twice or three times at all eh ? unless of course i wanted to split the pot for i didnt' like my chances fo
  12. for me,, it isn't so much the hands but the dynamics that goes on between the hands and seeing stars for the first time. case in point was watching phil hellmuth in the cash game last year, as well as how these personalities work out.I loved how jennifer went to hug mike and got a kiss on the cheek and gabe mentioned grounds for sexual harrassment.does that happen all the time between the two or was it a first i wondered. did jennifer get surpised i was wondering.i also like how she played the explainer to mike when daniel was giving mike heck and reminding him how antionio had give him heck
  13. so far i got these books out of the list. hold them for advanced players, hold them tourment for advanced players by skalansky. Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold'em Poker just outWorld Poker Tourâ„¢: In the Money by antinio. just out.chris Moneymaker : How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Pokeralso brought the little green book. and tj How To Win The Championship: Hold'em Strategies for The Final Table.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i brought the secrets the pros, the little greenbook
  14. I for myself,, would love to know what mike told antonio when they were away from the table.. all i heard was antiono say "seriously" then he started to do his chip tricks.did mike ask antonio to do some chip tricks.. or was he apologizing to him for speaking during the hand when antiono reprimanded him for doing it. do you know ? I did laugh at daniel funny talk but I laughed even more at the cursing gabe kaplan did at the end of the show. I wonder how doyle will deal with mike,, when phil hellmuth was blowing up last season he just seem to sit there and ignore him.. but then phil was kind
  15. I am sure we would all like to play you as a courtesy for buying your game. . perhpas set up a date where you will just hang out on a cash table for a day,, and an evening the week after. I know this cuts into your money making time as you are playing for just play money with some valuable loyal fans who brought your product.. but can you squeeze a day in soon ?. or let us know when a prof might do this for us for fun.i wouldn't mind playing with evelyn and e dog.(i know the big tourments takes a while to get ready to go,)
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