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  1. Would you prefer that they allowed collusion or gave their customers carte blanche to exploit you in any means necessary?
  2. I just switched from PokerOffice to PokerTracker this week.I like PokerTracker better as it runs more smoothly and just seems like an overall easier to use product.The one thing I miss is the ability on PokerOffice to reference and archive your opponents starting hand holdings. It was easy to reference during a hand but I have not found this option yet on PokerTracker.This became very useful deep in tournaments giving a read on whether the opponent would start strong or play any 2.
  3. Where is the room located exactly? Niagara Falls?
  4. Who is the player that wasn't identified at the end going under the name 'sleepless'?
  5. 100% true..........Shiny is the new black.Shiny, standard 4-colour deck, red cards....mmmm perfect.
  6. Why didn't anyone just Google Seda1. I found her: Seda1Check out her dislikes....sounds like fun.
  7. "We'll be back after this""punt""ensuing kickoff"I think everyone should drink when Britney Spears' new Pepsi commercial comes on.
  8. Ya totally,Like maybe a double shootout or something
  9. lol @ SIMPLEPHONECARDS.COM.If I saw that in my bank account I would figure I had been scammed. Pokerstars better hope everyone receives that e-mail or this could cause some more problems.
  10. I went down the other day to check it out. They are spreading 5-10 hold em and 10-20 hold em as usual. They are all limit games. They've also got 3 card poker going. Anyone care to tell me what that is, I didn't have time to find out.
  11. Let's say Taiwanstyle is Osama Bin Laden and YouBetterPray is some rich Shiite Muslim. Anything wrong now?I'm pretty sure this is one reason the US Government has been hard on the online poker industry in general.
  12. All of the real ballers drive around with "For Sale" signs in their windows. It adds 10 HP.
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