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  1. Mmmm... Natalie Gulbis is Hot.
  2. referring to SNG's, perhaps you aren't playing aggressively enough on the bubble? Do you find you have a large percentage of 4ths and 5ths?
  3. File them as soon as possible.Or move to brazil. Whichever.
  4. It is obviously dependent on the stake you play.
  5. I thought two tables were impossible on Pacific...
  6. I hear you, but just because the table is loose doesn't mean you shouldn't raise. Playing OOP is certainly a concern though... At a full table, I could see checking the BB with AQo but here you're only playing 5 handed. That's a big difference IMO. That's why I'd raise pre-flop in this case. Maybe not every time, but prob 75% of the time.Arguements can be made for checking and for raising. Both options are fine IMO, I just prefer raising in this case since you're playing 5 handed.
  7. Normally, I wouldn't mind checking, or check raising the flop. But, here there's a flush draw... I prefer betting with a hand with a flush draw on board so as not to give a free card. But, there is something to be said for mixing it up from time to time.Also, usually your flop bet looks like a continuation bet and is expected.A good play would be to bet the flop and check-raise the turn. But, of course there is the danger of the free card.
  8. I think I would have raised pre-flop. 5 handed, your AQ is a premium hand.I would have bet less on the flop. Between half pot and pot sized, usually 2/3rds pot size.Same with turn.On River, I'd throw in a value bet.
  9. I would have folded the flop.But, since you called the flop, I would have folded the turn.
  10. Tough one... I'd be tempted to fold too. If the villain was tight I probably would fold for sure.If the villain was very loose aggressive, I might call down.
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