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  1. your realize 60 minute levels on the internet equates to like 3 hour levels live...??
  2. not true, not all shows are in HD with DirecTV, the shows have to be recorded in HD by ESPN and currently they pretty much only do that for major live sporting events and their two major live sportscenter broadcasts of the day
  3. yes 5 year quarterbacks are so unheard of that only 13 out of the 32 #1 quarterbacks last year were at least 5 year veterens of their respective teams... think before you open your mouth
  4. seems like all the 2005 ME final table is there... thought they were given entry into the 2005 TOC for being at the 2005 Final Table... They let them freeroll for 2006 too? Im assuming because they moved the date to before the WSOP instead of after? Am I right or did they all actually qualify on their own
  5. the Mavs simply dont have the talent, or inside presence to win it all. The Heat will be the team to beat. Sorry Mavs fans but I think Dallas is only like the 3rd or 4th best team in the league. When the Suns get Stoudamire back they will be the favorite in the West no doubt
  6. Im from Raleigh, Fossilman made it pretty clear when he moved to town that he had no interest in playing in any home games, he moved here to live and raise his kids, not play shady high stakes games in someones back room
  7. yea i doubt the very limited number of hours of instruction has too much to do with this..... dont think Fidlers won **** just yet, lets see if he can hold on to those
  8. We gotta make our voice heard guys. Write your congessman and tell him to oppose the online gambling ban, H.R. 4777 . I just did this myself, its super easy. just go to the PPA's website at this link http://capwiz.com/pokerplayersalliance/iss...alertid=8585611and send their form letter. all you really have to do is put in your name and address and it automatically looks up your congressman and sends them the prewritten e-mail. Im going to mail my representatives copies of this letter later today as well. I added in a few of my own paragraphs, so that it was clear I would vote against the
  9. yea i bet all those cops thought you were a real tough guy... calling them names and wasting water lol
  10. try actually working while you are at work you lazy ****
  11. my response was more directed towards the people saying he was a donkey and didnt know **** etc.. Im sure Ja Rule has already been cut a fat check for letting them use his image so.... cant see how this is a bad move... and btw James Woods cant play worth ****, Id bet my life that he is a losing player
  12. ummm...... you guys are morons. Ja's poker knowledge has absolutely nothing to do with wether or not he will be successful. hes just a spokesman. I guess you guys think Daniel Negreanu wrote the software and tweaked the RNG for FCP himself? Ja is just there for his image which could be moderately succesful in bringing in younger players to the game. I dont here anyone giving that dickhead james woods **** for endorsing hollywoodpoker.com
  13. the Espys is a SPORTS award show..... poker is NOT a sport
  14. esfandiari is more of a cash game player than laak, and according to the hendonmob.com esfandiari has 3x more lifetime tournament winnings than laak despite focusing more on cash games
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